Goyim Pledge Page

I not only applaud but appreciate your interest in potentially donating your hard earned shekels, or perhaps you were just entranced by the bouncing pair of jugglies, I won’t judge, but before we progress further there’s but one thing you aught to know.

Shekelhertz is a self-funded website.

What does this mean exactly? Well to put it simply, with or without your contribution we’ll still be here, there’s certainly no chance that Shekelhertz will (((disappear))) anytime soon.

We do what we feel is right, alerting sheeple and fellow goyim to the subversive horrors of Filthy Chews and their antics across fields such as Politics, Media, Games and more, not because we desire the contents of your wallet.

Your money isn’t important to us, but I suppose it’s the thought that counts right?

The only way to support Shekelhertz and help us grow is to donate us “funny money” or more specifically the ever-growing scam that are Cryptocurrencies.

I’m not going to hold your hand specifically in regards to where you can purchase the various forms of crypto that can be donated, or how to install and use various acceptable cryptocurrency wallets such as Exodus, always remember to keep your shit OFF exchanges.

If you’re not particularly well versed in cryptocurrency, depositing and withdrawing, no need to stress yourself. Just continue to consoom our content and wait for more content, your viewership is more than satisfactory.

Below you’ll find various contract addresses for the various forms of digital scam tokens we’ll gladly take off your hands.

All funds donated will be safely secured on my personal Ledger hardware wallet.

XMR (Monero):

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BNB / BEP20 Tokens:



XRP (Ripple):