Does Auto HDR Truly Enhance Your Gaming Experience? 24+ Games Compared
4 April 2022
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy AUTO HDR Battlefield 3 Borderlands Call of Duty: Black Ops III CODE VEIN Colin McRae: DiRT 2 Dark Souls III F1 2012 Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Fishing Planet gaming High Dynamic Range Kingdom Come: Deliverance Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Mad Max Max Payne 3 Monster Girl Island: Prologue (18+) Rabi-Rabi SDR Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal Sleeping Dogs Windows 11 Yakuza 5

Yes, yes it does.

But before I elaborate any further regarding why “Auto HDR” is quite amazing at enhancing video games, while I poorly attempt to excuse the cancerous plague that is Windows 11, firstly we have to start with the basics.

What the fuck is “Auto HDR” ?

High Dynamic Range is simply fucking amazing if and only if you’ve got a corresponding screen to display HDR content on and if the content you’re enjoying even supports HDR to begin with. Many newer games these days come with HDR support which simply “pops” when viewed on something like an OLED tel-avivsion.

But as you’re probably well aware as am I, newer games are fucking garbage, and if they aren’t just shit they at least usher in a bunch of woke political nonsense and or shoehorn in diversity, you don’t want that and neither do I.

That’s where “Auto HDR” comes in handy, it’s merely a “quazzie” HDR tone mapping solution compatible with most games that utilize DirectX 11 and above, compared to native HDR content it’s simply laughed at but in comparison to standard dynamic range content Auto HDR will breath new life into older video games.

Auto HDR effectively simulates, rather poorly if we’re being honest, High Dynamic Range on SDR content through means of luminance data, with the feature coming advertised with 1000+ (DX11 + DX12) games supported.

With improved brightness in specific areas combined with a much more vivid higher contrast image, Auto HDR let alone Native HDR produces a more more colorful, realistic experience for those blessed with the gift of sight.

Microsoft first introduced “Auto HDR” on Xbox Series X/S consoles and brought the feature to the PC on a Windows 10 Insider Preview build back in March 2021, originally slated for an eventual release in the full fledge “21H2” update but because Microsoft are fucking kike crooks they of course simply decided instead to abandon the idea of adding the new feature to Windows 10 for actual end-users with Microsoft instead using Auto HDR as a ploy to entice the goyim into making the switch over to Windows 11.

Such kike behavior is certainly a kick to the groin for those who value privacy or simply don’t wish to be treated as nothing more than a host of personal data collection. Those free from the Jewish spell remain firm with their stance of Windows 7 or Windows 10 LTSC operating systems for their lack of invasive bullshit and telemetry cancer.

I myself despise the thought of running a mundane retail Windows operating system following the release of Windows 8, I much rather prefer to install later versions of Windows 10 that have effectively been shucked of as much of that telemetry tracking crap as physically possible.

It’s not as good as old LTSC operating systems however granted there’s literal years in terms of updates included with custom solutions such as Ghost Spectre releases, they undoubtedly provide superior gaming performance.

Auto HDR works on an operating system level and is said to cause a minimal if any performance drop when enabled, this of course means that you obviously cannot utilize the feature unless of course your display happens to support HDR. Many garbage monitors these days will claim to “offer” High Dynamic Range but they are entirely worthless granted that such panels are typically LCD trash while only being equipped with ~300-nits peak brightness.

Such displays cannot and will not display HDR content accurately or as effectively as higher end FALD displays or something more akin to QLED or OLED, you don’t need a true HDR compliant display capable of >1000-nits more rather something that offers pitch blacks and a contrast ratio of infinity (OLED) is certainly the ideal solution.

Attempting to enable HDR on anything else is just wasted effort (and money).

So enough about what Auto HDR is or what it does, it’s about time we actually get to the good stuff. Now when it comes to Auto HDR it’s extremely finicky to capture accurate footage of it actually working, let alone the fact you’re probably viewing this on mobile or some sort of LCD screen which doesn’t help much.

Radeon software can absolutely capture HDR footage and screen captures, but when it comes to Auto HDR it’s completely broken. But only when Auto HDR is enabled, recorded footage either comes out extremely dark or over exposed, screen captures themselves are entirely butchered.

This seems to be an AMD specific problem at the moment, as NVIDIA’s Shadowplay can now apparently capture Auto HDR gameplay just fine, but I’ve no way to actually try that for myself at this current moment, because capturing footage or images with AMD’s Relive software is completely broken when it comes to Auto HDR causing my salt levels to fly off the charts.

Left Side = SDR
Right Side = Auto HDR

So realistically my only option remaining is to either capture the screen of my tel-avivision with a camera or to utilize the “XBOX Game Bar” utility of Windows 11.

Utilizing the XBOX Game Bar I’m able to capture in-game screenshots and footage that more accurately represent what’s displayed on my screen with the Auto HDR feature enabled.

Both of which provides a much more accurate representation, when viewed on any display, let alone SDR displays the difference with Auto HDR is obviously nowhere near as drastic as having it enabled for yourself but you can still somewhat see the improvements made with it enabled.

For a more fair comparison I’ve gone with a standard SDR brightness of 50% with Auto HDR’s intensity maxed out at 100%.

I am using a specific registry edit which results in a split screen view between Auto HDR which can be viewed on the right side as the left side remains Standard Dynamic Range.

For video comparisons I strongly recommend that you view them at the highest possible resolution for greater detail and comparison.

Borderlands GOTY Edition

Borderlands (GOTY) may be a downgrade compared to the original PC release of 2009 however since the re-release now comes boasting the DirectX 11 API it can finally pay dividends with much greater performance in comparison to the DirectX 9 original along with native support for Auto HDR which has a dramatic effect on visuals.

Pandora is no longer this greyed out desolate wasteland, with Auto HDR enabled you’re getting more distinct and brighter colors overall with increased saturation across the UI and the landscape creating a greater overall contrast and a much more pleasurable experience.

Akiba’s Trip Undead & Undressed

Akiba’s Trip is one of the most bizarre games I’ve come across, much like Senran Kagura it too features grotesque battle stripping, while I may not actually understand the controls what I do understand is that Undead & Undressed is one of the better games to highlight the improvements made to enabling the Auto HDR feature.

Most prominent changes from AutoHDR come from vastly increased brightness across the board. The text and user interface are much more vibrant, the character models to the very ground you walk on is much brighter with greater color definition making it much better to look at visually anyway. Auto HDR is so drastic is completely alters color pigmentation when it comes to 2D character artwork providing a much more realistic tone overall.

Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy

Fuck Sony and Fuck California, yet another “weeb” game and yet another vast improvement made by enabling the Auto HDR on Windows 11.

I’m going to sound like a broken record when I say that with Auto HDR on Atelier Ryza 2 it provides increased brightness and saturation, with the most prominent changes shown on Reisalin’s outfit and skin, the cobbles and blades of grass, but it gets much better when actually in battle.

The visual difference while in battle is astounding with everything much more vibrant and recognizable, and much like in Akiba’s Trip the 2D character models are vastly improved as well.

Battlefield 3

Arguably one of the best games to have come from EA DICE, right on the cusp before kike’d globohomo swept the gaming industry as a whole.

Auto HDR works well when it comes to bright lit areas in video games which is no exception for BF3, with the main improvements coming from a brighter and more convincing sky to brightening up everything around you, seriously after utilizing Auto HDR what you once thought was bright and white will simply look dull and grey to you.

BioShock Infinite

The changes that Auto HDR makes to BioShock Infinite are somewhat minor and major all at the same time, the game is much more darker in terms of setting but when given the opportunity out in the light, or just simply focusing on things such as the HUD and visual effects Auto HDR really boosts saturation more than anything else on this particular title.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Regrettably one of the biggest, if not the biggest video game franchises helmed by one of the biggest kiked corporations in the entire world, Activision. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is quite an appalling game, at least when you focus mainly on its single player and multiplayer content at least.

Because where BO3 actually shines is when it comes to its “Nazi” Zombies mode of which case Black Ops 3 is by far the best in the entire franchise when focusing on that alone, considering its SDK is actually publically available BO3 is just awash with vast quantities of custom Zombies maps to experience…. perhaps with Auto HDR?

It’s really all down to exactly which map it is you’re playing be it vanilla or custom, the main takeaway being that Auto HDR really exenterates anything “white” making them much more brighter and distinguishable, with everything else from the HUD to perk-a-colas being much more vibrant and colorful.


The real advantage when it comes to enabling Auto HDR on CODE VEIN comes in the form of the main menu screen which is guaranteed to blow you away once enabled, but at the very least things such as subtitles, UI and the HUD will look much more sharper and vivid along with visual effects. It ain’t much but it’s certainly better than standard.

Colin McRae: DiRT 2

DiRT 2 is in my eyes the pinnacle of game development from Codemasters who quickly fell off a cliff following the release of this rally gem. In my opinion this arcade racer is among the best racing games overall and certainly holds a podium position when it comes to rally games.

Considering how DiRT 2 is much more lighter in tone the differences made with the Auto HDR feature are just all the more obvious with not just the entire menu itself looking more vivid and far more vibrant compared to standard which looks grey by comparison but the courses themselves look alive, they look more real.

Dark Souls III

There’s not many notable visual changes to Dark Souls III with Auto HDR being enabled, aside from the obvious such as any and all text displayed on screen followed by visual effects and the actual lighting.

The beaming sunlight goes from being a pissy grey to a more accurate white-tone marking yourself and your surroundings as being more prominent, it’s a subtle change but one that I prefer.

F1 2012

It’s been a long time since Formula 1 was considered a real sport whereas nowadays it as a whole gladly bends the knee in support of domestic terrorist movements such as (((BLM))), however Codemasters did in fact make a few solid enough titles of the world’s fastest cars in action.

While the cars themselves are essentially uncontrollable for a first time bout with next to no grip when off the throttle or even thinking of tapping the brake pedal, the game itself does net a positive return with the cancerous Windows 11 operating system thanks to its Auto HDR feature.

The asphalt looks more genuine, the kerbs and signs are much more vivid from increased saturation, the sky itself looks more real, from a grey tinge with Auto HDR it truly does look more blue.

Hell, even the cars themselves look more real with Auto HDR enabled, from the decals to the tyre wall and the tyres themselves just looking superior overall.

Far Cry 3 + Blood Dragon

To be Far Cry 3 serves as a sad reminder that Ubisoft not only used to make games that weren’t just massive globohomo propaganda pieces plagued with anti-white bullshit and benign faggotry, but more rather Far Cry 3 to me serves as the reminder that Ubisoft actually used to make good games along with its subsequent enlarged DLC known as Blood Dragon.

When it comes to games that are darker in setting and tone the Auto HDR feature does have its shortcomings, only in the light will you probably take much notice of the changes that it provides, such as with Blood Dragon which entirely consists in darkness with its 80’s retro synth weaponry and art style.

It’s nearly impossible to notice much change if at all under such circumstances apart from just higher saturation on what few neon colors you encounter throughout your playthrough, it certainly enhances those but not much of anything else I’m afraid.

But at least with the main game at least during the daylight you’ll certainly take notice of the brighter and more vivid skylight, roads and foliage at the very least.

Fishing Planet

As a pass time and hobby nothing beats fishing for my personally, not only does it make yourself resourceful in terms of catching (and eating) various creatures but it also develops ones patience, however when it comes in the form of a video game there’s quite possibly nothing more suitable for putting children with attention deficient disorders to sleep than to play a simulation game such as Fishing Planet.

Personally I haven’t played the game in years, only to mysteriously discover that I’ve shot up in level but appear to be vastly better kitted than what a beginner would otherwise have. Weird.

Visually speaking at the very least the benefits of Auto HDR are not just plentiful but quite apparent as well, the menus, HUD and UI all benefit from enabling it especially when you get in game and start wasting your life away.

The skylight as previously mentioned actually contains a true blue color by comparison with it looking almost comical by comparison on the left side, but at the very least a mundane game such as Fishing Planet highlights just how extensive the game support actually is for Auto HDR.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a real man’s RPG, the type of which has long since been absent where you’re not thrusted into accumulating massive power but more rather you’re nothing but a pissant weakling vulnerable to the slightest gust of wind as you work your way up the hard way.

The benefit of Auto HDR is mainly to do once again with the sky itself, grey to blue. While the skin tones of characters have had a bump up in saturation looking better overall in my opinion anyway.

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

I’m probably just taking the piss at this point by even including this because I fucked up, this was supposed to be Little Witch Nobeta but considering how it’s in active development and the latest cracked copy is just too damn old there had to be a compromise and luckily enough Little Witch Acadmemia: CoT was also a game featuring the DirectX 11.0 API.

Do I have the daintiest clue as to what the fuck is going on? No, not really but what I do know is that Auto HDR works a treat as it basically brightens up just about everything, with the menus and character models themselves being the most affected by it.

Mad Max

I’m sure you’ve seen the movies, especially if you wanted to know who rules over you simply just get Mel Gibson drunk. Aside from that Mad Max the video game is rather unique considering its post-apocalyptic desert wasteland was actually conceived as what America would look like within a few short years.

Considering how Mad Max is an open-world game depicted mostly during the light out in vast plains of desert the Auto HDR feature certainly makes the most of itself.

Auto HDR effectively lightens everything up from the tones of Max’s skin and clothing to the very ground you walk, everything just looks so dull and grey whereas with Auto HDR they’ll truly have you questioning exactly what do you define as “white”.

Once you’re on the move in the vast outback you’ll take more notice of the vast differences in color when it comes to the sky yet again along with the vast open plains of sand that you’ll undoubtedly spend quite some time driving on.

Max Payne 3

Quite possibly the last solid game to ever come out of (((Rockstar Games))) following Grand Theft Auto IV and predating the never-ending pile of shit that has become GTA V, Max Payne 3 is certainly a Rockstar game you should definitely pirate if you’ve yet to try it.

Auto HDR works to some extent on Max Payne 3 but it’s rather minor visually anyway, focusing in on subtitles with foreground scenery such as the ground and walls are about as extensive as Auto HDR gets on this title I’m afraid.

Monster Girl Island: Prologue (18+)


Wait a second…. this is porn! Monster Girl Island is what I’d consider to be a western abomination of a Japanese eroge. There are some aspects to it that are good such as the quality of the “assets” but there’s just plenty wrong with it as a whole.

And on top of that Monster Girl Island is another instance of one of those western H-games whose developer does jack shit in regards to actual game development aside from collecting their monthly (((Patreon))) gibs from clueless coomers.

But the inclusion of this game certainly goes to show just how vast the compatibility actually is with Windows 11’s Auto HDR feature, especially when it’s these sorts of games that actually showcase its abilities best.

Viewer discretion is obviously advised, the Auto HDR feature is essentially night and day on this particular title, everything from the text to the very characters themselves are vastly improved and more defined with it enabled.


Yeah, I’m clearly taking the piss. But at least in the instance of Rabi-Rabi my logic is more sound, because it’s these sorts of 2D-esk side scrollers that I believe would greatly benefit from the enhancements made from Auto HDR which is quite apparently to see within the first few seconds of the video above simply having started the game itself.

Text, menus and whatnot improve visually (yet again) as what you’ve probably convinced yourself is the color white will undoubtedly resemble that of grey once you’ve experienced Auto HDR.

2D character sprites look more distinguished and lively from increased color definition with the foreground itself thriving from additional saturation, it’s just simply better and more enjoyable.


Skyrim is a game that I simply wish would just goddamn die already, from having experienced true honest RPGs in recent times by comparison Skyrim and its copy-pasted dungeon system is just clunky and vastly inferior to that of Gothic or KC:D.

John’s finest work.

Thankfully at the very least I’m not a massive faggot like John Papadopoulos from DSO Gayming who seemingly resorts to writing about every single Skyrim modification he finds on Reddit.

Simply put, the only reason why Skyrim continues to be immensely popular today is simply to insert bouncing tits, which I do understand or for degenerates to incorporate sex mods so they can get their rocks off by fucking either people and unfortunately animals while in-game.

At the very least Auto HDR is a rather positive attribute on this fundamentally and functionally ancient game, ground and building textures are much more brighter as a result adding to the immersion.

Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal + ESTIVAL VERSUS

Asuka best girl.

Finally we get into some quality “action” and possibly by far the greatest example of Auto HDR.

Everything from clothing and skin are much brighter and more colorful than before, cutscenes along with individual stages will greatly benefit from more vibrant colors along with the UI and especially the visual effects. Put them all together and Senran Kagura just “POPS” with Auto HDR.

Sleeping Dogs (original)

For all that it’s worth Sleeping Dogs was a rather obscure title that’s a bit dated today but is bound to provide at least some enjoyment.

The changes that Auto HDR provides once enabled on this particular title are rather minor, improved brightness and saturation across the board certainly does provide a much more immersive experience whether you’re traversing Hong Kong during day or night, especially during the latter with all the colorful delights getting a much needed vibrance boost.

Yakuza 5 Remastered

Finally to wrap things up we have the Yakuza 5 Remaster, sadly this particular game has proven to be extremely difficult when it comes to recording gameplay footage so I’m having to manage by just screenshots alone.

But that doesn’t mean that you necessarily cannot see the full extent of what Auto HDR does to Yakuza 5, interior locations, road and building textures are much brighter and more realistic while characters themselves get a bump in saturation.

And of course the hustle and bustle of Japan’s night life is also intensified with increased from more vivid store signs and banners.


And that’s all there really is to Auto HDR, now do I know exactly what it truly is and how it accomplishes what it actually does? No, but what I do know is that Auto HDR essentially brightens up your games with increases color distinction.

Seriously, once enabled you probably wouldn’t even want to go back, it will have you questioning exactly what it is you define as the color white.

It’s truly a shame such a great feature is essentially locked down behind the most cancerous operating system available, Windows 11. Because I absolutely loath the W11 OS but I love what Auto HDR does to my games just that little bit more.

Sadly Auto HDR is limited to games that utilize the DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 API and even then it’s not entirely supportive of such titles even then but it certainly gets close.

Funny enough at least Auto HDR is so extensive in the titles that it does actually support, it will even support emulators such as PCSX2 when utilizing its DirectX 11 renderer, and it actually is somewhat noticeable.

Not exactly revolutionary nor is it a game changer, I just find it amusing that Auto HDR will even enhance your PS2 emulation experience, and perhaps others as well.

To use Auto HDR is a huge commitment, as previously mentioned Windows 11 is a bloody horrid operating system, and even if you bother to go the route of a third party custom installation that essentially shucks all of its telemetry garbage it’s still just godawful.

While the feature itself works an absolute charm, adding to the immersion with more bright and vivid colors for now at least for many it’s a serious step back in having to utilize W11 just to use the feature, so whether or not it’s something you’re interested in maybe not necessarily now but later down the track perhaps when your current W10 installation seemingly bricks itself you may just want to at least try a shucked W11 install for next time, so you can experience the wonders of Auto HDR for yourself if applicable.

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