Diablo 4 Lead Designer (Jesse McCree) & Game Director (Luis Barriga) Quietly Leave Blizzard Amid Ongoing Activision-Blizzard Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
13 August 2021
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Activision Blizzard suffers more heavy losses with the loss of crucial members working on the upcoming Diablo IV.

Activision Blizzard are already under a lot of pressure and scrutiny as they are being sued by Commiefornia’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing or (DFEH) who’ve filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard on July 20th 2021 for multiple counts of violating state employment law following a two-year investigation by DFEH who claim that they’ve found Activision Blizzard have discriminated against female employees in areas such as compensation, assignment, promotion, termination, constructive discharge and retaliation.

But not only have Activision Blizzard been found to be discriminating against the innocent wahmen that work / worked there but also claim to have found Activision Blizzard guilty of negligence of female employees being sexually harassed, failing to take appropriate action to prevent such unlawful discrimination…. of the nu-males of Blizzard from perhaps sniffing the seats of female coworkers.

DFEH alleges that numerous violations of California employment law can be citied back as far as 2010.

Naturally of course the news of this impending lawsuit excites us to no end as we actively anticipate the demise of one of the biggest Yiddler conglomerates in the entire video gayme industry, of which if found guilty there’s no doubt in the world that it would change this cancerous industry.

However as all this bullshit is all happening it still hasn’t stopped numerous high-level members of the Activision Blizzard team from running for the hills as Luis Barriga, Jesse McCree and Jonathan LeCraft have all quite literally abandoned ship having been quietly let go on Wednesday which has been confirmed by Activision Blizzard on Cucktaku.

Undoubtedly these recent releases will have a dramatic effect on the upcoming Diablo 4.

Luis Barriga and Jesse McCree are two employees who’ve quietly given been their marching orders and yet these two individuals are key members of the Diablo IV design team as Luis Barriga was working as the game director while Jesse McCree was positioned as the lead designer. While the latter of the trio, Jonathan LeCraft was ironically positioned as a World of Warcraft designer.

Obviously, with the game being nowhere ready for a release of any sorts that doesn’t mean the sudden exits of its lead designer and game director won’t have any long lasting repercussions because obviously it will, it throws the whole development dynamic out the window as staff are repositioned and bumped up the ladder, it’s simple restructuring that takes time away from the actual product and at the worst case can result in the product steering away vividly into another direction.

The three individuals who’ve been given the sack are no doubt possible sex pests in their own right, now free to infect other studios among the vast array of gayme developers with open arms to snatch up such faggots with credentials such as theirs.

I’m sure those who had a Cosby Suite would always be respectful towards women, honest….. as two of them now suddenly exit the doors of Activision Blizzard.


(Thanks for the news tip LoliNeko)

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