Devs Remove Tabletop Simulator Global Chat to Appease Mental Midgets and Troons
16 January 2022
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I’m sure you’re probably quite familiar with the game “Tabletop Simulator”, thankfully I never bought into it however the game itself is or rather was very good at giving gamers a fun experience in playing multitudes of custom board and or card games with friends with rule bending being almost certain.

However the developers behind Tabletop Simulator, Berserk Games has knelt down before angry feminist faggots after receiving hefty criticism following an incident that saw a disgusting gay troon dubbed “Xoe” being banned from the game’s global chat, possibly for spam and or harassment however of course because all faggots are innocent the individual removed made claim that its removal from the games chat was due to it announcing in global that it was “gay and trans”.

Its ban was more than justified.

Following this bullshit accusation fellow faggots in arms did what modern liberal faggots tend to do if something doesn’t adhere to their bullshit beliefs or way, they made quick work of slandering Tabletop Simulator on Twitter and subsequently review bombed the game on Steam as well.

But of course like any other corporation that has no spine, Berserk Games caved almost immediately making itself vulnerable to the sodomite stazi brigade who simply will never be pleased.

Subsequently, Berserk Games had to kneel and apologize with this formal announcement being made on the Tabletop Simulator Twitter account.

With the liberal mob of faggots seemingly out for blood at this point Berserk Games has done the ultimate power move in terms of degeneracy by admitting defeat, as they announced the removal of the global chat from Tabletop Simulator entirely so that their game may never be used to insight transphobic or biggoted remarks against individuals moving forward.

And of course like all other kike corporations doing tax write-offs, Berserk Games will make a pitiful donation of $10,000 to a mental illness foundation (National Center for Transgender Equality).

And to triple down on Xoe’s “feminine” penis, Berserk Games will be doing even more in terms of promoting the custom creations on Tabletop Simulator made by LGBT sodomites through frequent blog posts.

Developers of late seem to be doing just about everything they possibly can in removing vital features so people won’t get their feelings shoved up their dilated rotten flesh holes, much like DICE disabling the scoreboard in the spectacular failure known as Battlefield 2042 because K/D Ratios are offensive to gaming journalists and filthy casuals.

Companies of all kinds have been kneeling before ZOG by praising China, Blood Loot Murder or particularly LGBT faggots to appeal to the non-existent consumers who seemingly need political pandering as validation to purchase goods from such companies, however in this case with Berserk Games it highlights just how far Cancel Culture has become in recent years, from the one instance of a faggot more than likely being rightfully silence on its platform the entire chat function as a whole has been removed following minor blowback.

Never apologize to faggots or anyone for that matter, apologizing makes you all the more vulnerable to the faggot army and it’s from such vulnerability that these sodomites simply crave like sharks to blood, if only there were more developers like Factorio.

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