Dark Side of Gaming: Certified ZIOHAZARD
4 January 2023
Dark Side of Gaming DSO DSOG

Today’s topic is quite unusual and somewhat personal as I gloss over and analyze “DSO” or Dark Side of Gaming and its owner, John Papadopoulos and his ulterior motives.

Dark Side of Gaming is believed to be one of the only places on the internet, specifically catering in gaming news and topics that has a freedom of speech policy, now this is complete and utter bullshit given the numerous bans I as well as other folks close to Himmler’s Hardware have received, why specifically? For naming the Grabbler of course.

But we’ll get into further detail regarding John’s hypocrisy later, Dark Side of Gaming earned its following by doing the same exact thing that every other tech / game journalist publication tends to do, shit out frequent articles over a long period of time, sometimes even multiple times per day.

Granted, I cannot maintain writing articles at such a rate, predominantly given I outright refuse to cover such meaningful PR pieces for pure woke trash.

Easier said than done really, but for those with no actual moral compass of their own it’s relatively easy considering the sort of content predominantly found on DSO.


Cyberpunk 2077 has just been released on the PC and looks absolutely gorgeous. The game features highly detailed characters, and one of the best cities we’ve ever seen. CDPR was able to capture the sci-fi atmosphere of Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell. Furthermore, the lighting system in Cyberpunk 2077 is amazing. The game does suffer from some issues (like pop-ins of objects and lights), which is why it could not top our next title. Still, and alongside its Ray Tracing effects, Cyberpunk 2077 is a game built for next-gen hardware.


Lastly, it’s worth noting that Battlefield 2042 is a great looking game. So, while an RTX3080 cannot run it with constant 60fps at 4K/Ultra, we believe that its visuals justify the GPU requirements. On the other hand, and despite using DX12, the game would benefit from some additional CPU optimizations. Regardless of that, the game’s graphics are among the best we’ve seen. Yes, destruction may be limited (compared to other games), but the lighting, textures, effects and overall image quality are amazing.


After all, Battlefield 2042’s Update 3.0 featured over 150 fixes. DICE has also released Update 3.1 which fixed additional issues. However, the game still suffers from major issues and there is still no server browser (or any of the legacy features that BF fans have been requesting these past few weeks).I don’t really remember any previous Battlefield game having a free-to-play weekend this close to launch. So yeah, as I said, this appears to be a desperate move to increase the game’s player base.Ironically, and speaking of BF 2042, there is a new Battlefield parody FPS game, called Clownfield 2042. My guess is that this BF 2042 parody game will be free to play. As such, it will be really funny if this game ends up having more players than the real BF 2042 game.



For some bizarre reason John seemed rather fixated on the Bloodborne PSX “Demake” that was being developed by an actual tranny.

Posting several articles in a short time frame regarding the demake in particular.

Look everyone, I made my fursona in PSX!

Not just any old tranny mind you but a pet-o-phile one at that, what can I even say? The sheer faggotry of the Bloodborne PSX demake matches the content found on Dark Side of Gaming to a tee.


Dark Side of Gaming tends to focus on content sourced mainly from which ever various subreddits, such as r/gaming and r/pcgaming which are subreddits that John happens to frequent given how majority of his articles seem to originate from there, with majority of his articles consisting of patch notes and game texture mods for various forms of faggotry bullshit, mainly Skyrim, Cyberpunk 2077 and whatever else.

Combine this with nonsensical spamming of articles relating to games being free on the Epic Game Store, various half-arsed fan “remakes” built utilizing the Unreal Engine it becomes increasingly more clear that Johnathon’s entire playbook consists of whatever he happens to have found on Reddit that particular day, and he most certainly has a ventured financial interest in Epic Games given how often he hypes and praises the Unreal Engine.

Though in typical fashion, if you highlight his obvious shilling nature the Grabbler will cry out in pain as he strikes you.

Now we can finally move on with the topic of John’s double standards when it comes to the illusion DSO commentors believe to be freedom of speech.


I’ve been banned, several times in fact, for being a racist piece of shit, it’s obvious that DSO wishes to bar outright antisemitic comments from its platform given how Google has effectively shut me down for saying hurty words on here.

Outright antisemitic comments are deemed by Johnathon as being “spam”, allowing him moral superiority to ban individuals who post such content, however others aren’t so lucky such as Latexbeatsnud1ty, one of my own greatest allies, DSOG utilizes the Disqus commenting system which for the most part is actually free.

Only because those who use Disqus themselves are the product, Disqus themselves have various forms of monthly payment for additional features, and by god is it expensive.

From a first hand experience I know for certain that DSO themselves have the ability to shadow ban commentors, which means that John himself spends at least $105 per month on Disqus, which grants him access to “priority support”.

Latexbeatsnud1ty, as well as various other individuals close to Himmler’s Hardware, such as Thybonesconsumed weren’t just banned from DSO Gaming, but more rather their “heinous” antisemitic comments on the website itself lead to their own Disqus accounts being removed outright.


Almost as if a certain someone was utilizing their priority connection and service with Disqus staff to report individuals on their own website who were breeching the Disqus terms of service by demonizing God’s chosen people?

Couldn’t be.

John would never do that, DSOG is the last stronghold of freedom of speech across the entire internet, what do you expect us likeminded people to do? Use NicheGaymer? I don’t think so.

Despite the fact that DSO regularly probes its userbase regarding whether or not they should actually impose further censorship on its comment section, as seen in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

As for why I was personally banned? Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Jester.

Dr. Jester was the resident Grabbler of the DSO Gaming community, where any negative interaction with Jester would lead to one being warned or banned, like I mentioned above it’s against the rules to bastardize Grabblers and especially not the only Grabblerish commentor on the website.

Like all Filthy Chews, Jester was a two faced faggot, constantly praising woke piles of shit such as the Grand Theft Auto Definitive trainwreck, but simultaneously he would bastardize such games as he tried and failed to win over the Conpro / KIA2 crowd.

John willingly harbored such a vile Yiddler-a-roach as Dr. Jester on DSO, typically because when your community is arguing with one another it actually drives increased traffic towards the website itself, more traffic means more shekels and John really wants those shekels.

So much so that he himself has decided to get a bit more technical by openly buying woke piles of shit for benchmarking and review purposes, and it comes as no surprise that a humble merchant such as John would have quite a lot of financial backing to purchase PC hardware when he’s always occupied with posting daily Reddit articles.

Though it’s quite obvious that Johnathon doesn’t quite know exactly how to actually do this sort of gig, given how he has access to various forms of graphics cards, thanks to DSO’s own shilling which has benefitted John by being able to purchase graphics cards such as the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti, 3080, Radeon RX 6900 XT and the GeForce RTX 4090, very expensive products, most certainly bought on their respective launches to suit John’s own benchmarking portfolio because tech news is pretty easy clicks.

Tech Illiterate

John has all this disposable income to waste on GPUs for his own performance analysis and yet after all these years of providing benchmark article after article his test system still maintains an Intel Core i9-9900K, based on the Skylake architecture the CPU itself is most certainly holding back performance, especially at lower resolutions and more than likely even at 4K resolution compared to modern processors of today such as Intel’s Raptor Lake and AMD Zen 4 CPUs, which goes to show that John really only cares for the clicks rather than to provide accurate and informative content.

However dear old John finally accumulated enough braincells to rub together in passing the thought of upgrading to a Zen 4D based CPU, so perhaps soon enough he wont be stuck with an ancient processor holding back several of his graphics cards on hand.

As an actual enthusiast of technology what genuinely pissed me off the most was this article covering the top ten best “optimized” PC titles throughout the year of 2022, why there needs to be a top ten I honestly haven’t a single clue because out of the ten games mentioned only three of them are technically viable for being optimized.

Right off the bat we can write off the fact that John has absolutely fuck all knowledge of what it truly means for a game to be optimized as the first title within the article is Portal RTX.

In my own eyes, NVIDIA has killed Ray Tracing with the introduction of their RTX graphics cards giving the goyim a Ray / Raster hybrid crushing performance significantly.

The current form of rasterization is overly complex, it genuinely needs to be phased out but the entire point comes down to money, before the industry went down the path of rasterization twenty odd years ago, we knew that Ray Tracing was the real deal but it was thanks to rasterization that we would could do actual real-time rendering.

Why invest billions of R&D into a raster dedicated engine when we could’ve invested into BHV Cores from the very beginning?

Real ray tracing, such as PATH TRACING is massively expensive, easy cash money always wins in the end, raster had given us easier products to sell, it works today, fuck tomorrow.

Path Tracing is ungodly taxing on hardware, but only because we’ve been forced down this slow and milked path of ray / raster hybrids whereas modern CPUs are actually more effective at ray tracing smaller blocks than supposed ray tracing capable GPUs.

Path Tracing is the real deal, ray tracing will replace rasterization, we could already have had dedicated ASIC devices to vastly accelerate ray tracing capabilities but sadly that doesn’t generate as near of a profit as forcefully introducing “ray tracing” amongst current generation graphics cards as slowly but surely rasterization is phased out as ray tracing takes a heavier focus as consumers are milked dry.

Anyways, back on the topic of Portal RTX, the game itself runs like complete horse shit, name me one instance of a game with Path Tracing that doesn’t. By John’s own admission Portal RTX cannot sustain so much as thirty frames per second with the RTX 4090 at 4K native resolution

Is is only with the addition of DLSS upscaling, with DLSS 3.0 not only increasing input latency and artifacts but it also inserts its own interpolated frames artificially inflating the frame rate by a much larger margin than previous DLSS iterations.

It is asinine to even pass the thought that a path traced game, that cannot sustain high frame rates at even 1080p resolution with an RTX 4090 as being remotely “optimized”. It’s a gorgeous game, but only thanks to its path traced nature rather than fake and gay rays (Global Illumination).

As a matter of fact, Portal RTX runs like shit, but it simply cannot run whatsoever on AMD Radeon RX 6000 series and 7000 series GPUs.

This Twitter thread explains all you’d need to know.

Most unsuspecting faggots would attribute Radeon’s poor performance down to inferior Ray Accelerators but really, Portal RTX was developed by idiots to purposefully make NVIDIA’s ADA Lovelace look better than it actually is.

The game itself is so poorly designed I would actually go as far as to call it an NVIDIA tech demo, because it is almost certainly sabotaging competing products.

Portal RTX is broken on AMD hardware, because Portal RTX is spewing up hundreds of @cycles per instruction for no good reason. Intentionally poorly written to perform badly on non-NVIDIA hardware, and of course the (((tech press))) doesn’t mention any of this.

Radeon GPUs themselves are not being utilized at all, despite all of the Radeon’s VGPR’s being technically utilized, actual GPU utilization sits at over 3%.

Just because Portal RTX is maxing out the cores on a graphics card doesn’t mean that they are being properly utilized, the GPU’s own wave front is being stalled on purpose, instead of actually executing instructions a Radeon RX GPU is effectively idling. Portal RTX is literally raping AMD GPUs with utter nonsense.

Would you consider this to be a worthy contender for most optimized title? Is it a “bug” or is it deliberate? The poor performance on AMD Radeon GPUs on Portal RTX has nothing to do with the actual ray tracing itself, I believe that this is application specific, a poorly designed pile of garbage effectively breaking AMD’s implementation.

Tinfoil hat on.

It’s fairly obvious that this particular title had never been tested on AMD hardware whatsoever during development, or perhaps the brilliant minds at Lightspeed Studios, the same developers behind NVIDIA VR Funhouse perhaps hastily copy and pasted NVIDIA’s own proprietary code as we’ve seen on NVIDIA’s own RTX tech demos that run purposefully slower on non NVIDIA hardware.

Moving onward, John’s other choices for well optimized PC ports throughout 2022 highlights such magnificent games as Stray, which is neither graphically impressive or actually well optimized whatsoever.

It does perform rather solidly and the game itself has won the normies over, but I just cannot help but scoff at this title in such a list given its visuals.

John’s own shitty benchmark.

Taking a shot in the dark here I’m probably guessing that Stray is on this list particularly because it was developed utilizing the Unreal Engine, call it a hunch.

Other games on the list include FIFA 23 which honestly doesn’t even fucking deserve to be mentioned, GRID Legends which was an atrocious woke trainwreck, Sonic Frontiers which is actually LOCKED to 60 frames per second, so it’s good to know that games that are locked to 60 FPS are well optimized.

Crappy console games running at 60 FPS is so well optimized. WOW!

Another prime example of a game that does not deserve to be on this list is Sackboy: A Big Adventure, a game that actually does run at high enough framerates, but that’s mainly because there’s nothing one would call graphically intensive actually featured in the game whatsoever, barring some bullshit “ray tracing” optional extras.

Sackboy is just another game that utilizes the Unreal Engine so it’s no wonder why this made it onto John’s list.

John’s own shitty benchmark.

John describes Spider-Man Miles Morales as being one of the best looking open-world games of 2022, no actual discourse for its blatant niggerdom, the game itself much like the standard Marvel’s Spider-Man for PC it also runs like absolute shit, particularly because the PC port itself was subpar at best, with the developers themselves somehow attributing Spider-Man’s shit CPU utilization as being down to the lack of the PS5’s blazing fast SSD….. somehow.

Never mind how the game itself is pure unadulterated nigger propaganda.

Out of all the titles on the list there’s probably three I would give credit towards as actually being optimized.

Not that either of these three titles are actually WORTH playing mind you, with the Sniper Elite franchise essentially boiling down into fantasies about slaying Nazis while Need for Speed Unbound is certified nigger fauna, Call of Duty needs no introduction as to explain why it’s pure woke normie shit.

Pushing that aside however these three games are somewhat worthy of being called the most optimized gaymes of 2022, even though they are still effectively woke trash they are very well optimized for most PC hardware while retaining great looking visuals, except for Need for Speed Unbound of which its overworld looks like lazy trash.

While 2022’s COD: MW2 may possibly be the worst game in the entire franchise it is by far the most stunning visually in terms of graphical fidelity, the IW engine, based on id Tech proves itself as being one of the better game engine foundations in terms of what’s possible while performing above expectations.

Call of Duty has quickly descended into a staple in propaganda gayming, with the original Modern Warfare Reboot being immensely popular thanks to its Warzone portion, Modern Warfare 2 increases its sensitivity pandering to an even greater extent with disgusting Grabblerish bull dyke Farah COD MW2 is a game I’d sooner be caught dead than to play.

John’s own shitty benchmark.

Sniper Elite 5 looks phenomenal graphically speaking as well, Rebellion’s own in-house game engine is among the best of the entire industry in terms of features, with superior Vulkan API support, the Asura Engine is possibly the closest example to real Asynchronous Computing the gaming industry will ever see, with id Tech 7 probably being the second.

While the game itself is literally just a Grabblerish fantasy trope of slaughtering Nazis, it’s not exactly great in terms of actual FPS figures but given the feature set and graphical quality I would consider this to be fair or at least borderline to call it an optimized title.

John’s own shitty benchmark.

Nigg for Speed: Unbound is not graphically intensive, the open world looks mediocre compared to similar titles released years past, easily squashed by Crysis 3 which is almost a decade old at this point, however the Frostbite engine is also a vastly well optimized and capable foundation, much more so than Unreal Engine could possibly dream of being. But once again this is just another example of a modern game featuring modern tropes such as blatant faggotry and predominate nigger appreciation.

These are garbage games to play no doubt, but technologically speaking these games are deserving of being considered optimized. 3/10 ain’t so bad.


Long story short, John Papadopoulos is a two faced schlomo, just another urinalist cashing checks as his community is seemingly blinded a fallacy of free speech, he’s just another shmuck that copy and pastes irrelevant bullshit for clicks, and clearly is being paid a decent amount of money to peddle garbage such as the Unreal Engine, such as with these dumbass shitty lists.

The folks who visit DSO on a daily basis are most certainly being infected with estrogenic shill peddling, and yet they are under the illusion that DSO caters towards freedom of speech despite banning Grabblernamers, not just from his website but Disqus entirely.

John is nothing short of a coward and disgusting snake, he and Dark Side of Gaming are more than deserving of the prestigious award of being a certified Ziohazard.

John doesn’t actually know anything about technology, he’s willingly holding back performance and conveying irrelevant benchmark figures, he doesn’t understand what actually makes games actually “tick”, he’s just another individual pushing out favorable fluff pieces that go over well with Google.

Which is why he censors anyone who gets in the way of his revenue streams, such as individuals who actively call him out on his shilling episodes, the faggotry within the games he flaunts and the Grabblers for seemingly raping this entire earth.

Which begs to question his heritage, John loves to come off as being Greek but he has no nationalistic pride, let alone any sort of pride / integrity whatsoever, he comes off as being another subversive rat journalist flooding the waters with his drivel which begs to question, is he another disgusting refugee mutt brought ashore of Greece by the courteous hands of IsraAid?

This would explain why he is so desperate to garner AdSense and alternative means of payment through DSO’s content, because Google wants nothing to do with racist themes, be they in actual written from such as found on here or even in the Disqus comment section, Google will never monetize “racist” platforms that feature hurty words of god’s chosen peoples.

Publishers would deny DSO outright if they were to house “violent extremists” in their comment section, without a source of income the urinalist would starve, which is why individuals are banned if they name the Grabbler.

This is also a dilemma that I face, I’m proactively being barred by search results due to my honesty and “racist” views, if I want people to “consoom” my product I’d have to step up my marketing game and given how my own organic views from search results have plummeted by over 80% since October 2022 I don’t have much choice.

It’s been a good ride.

This entire article was festering for months, completely abandoned and sporadically written from scratch within an hour and it’s also here that I announce my future intentions with Shekelhertz / Himmler’s Hardware moving forward.

Honesty will only get you so far in this world and it’s thanks to Google’s own interference that I seemingly can no longer continue doing this for actual recognition, my views are far too extreme for normies to bare who simply take a glance and fuck off at the first chance they have, while I’m not witty enough to cater towards meme lords.

Frankly there are plenty of alternatives for meme lords anyway, such as The Daily Rake.

Moving forward I plan on producing less articles over time and possibly more video content.

I don’t intend on shutting down the website, all of its content will always remain available however I will be slowing down efforts on here as I try another alternative to achieve what I want to achieve my own way.

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