Cuckold Simulator Bolstering Stunning and Brave Ukraine Supporter DLC
18 January 2023
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One of the greatest games released over the past couple of years, Cuckold Simulator is going above and beyond to encapsulate the reality that is the modern American.

Cuckold Simulator, developed by Team SNEED, is quite frankly the only shovel ware developer that’s deserving of your attention and possibly shekels.

Team SNEED also produced the infamous “Tyrone vs Cops” title, a prequel to Cuckold Simulator with a great arsenel of its own fabulous DLC content such as the $10 Golden Blicky.

CUCKOLD SIMULATOR: Life as a Beta Male Cuck is the perfect game that really hits hard when it comes to accurately portraying the daily lives of cuckolds in America.

You play as a chinless faggot living the life of your typical American wage slave for “GloboCorp” to provide for yourself, your wife along with her black boyfriend (Tyrone) and their two children (DeShawn & Tyrone Jr).

Working day in and day out to provide for your fat ugly wife and to pay off Tyrone’s bail, for just $3.99, Cuckold Simulator provides hours of entertainment and the hyper realistic interactions of your average Democratic supporter.

And it even runs on Valve’s Steam Deck to further enhance your cuckolding experience!

Team SNEED continue to provide further updates and of course downloadable content for Cuckold Simulator, providing new and fantastic in-game items along with new areas and things to do.

Previous DLC additions include the COVID-19 mask pack, for just a single dollar you can equip your cuck with a safe and effective facial mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and to fill your lungs with microplastics I’d imagine.

Other DLC additions includes the “Coomer’s Delight” add-on pack allowing you to simp out to naked anime girls at the local GloboHomo strip club, yes, that’s literally all there is to this DLC pack.

However Team SNEED have drastically improved themselves over the past couple of years since Cuckold Simulator first landed on the Steam store, particularly with engaging the community with recent universal happenings that your average cuck would partake in.

Such as the never-ending war between Russia and Ukraine, an alleged “war” perpetrated by Filthy Chews on both ends resulting in both countries sending thousands of their own off to die for nothing except Grabblerish power.

Grabblerish media outlets however have been in full force to make the gullible goyim sensitive to this subject, essentially slandering anyone who doesn’t sympathize with poor Ukrainian Grabblers, standing with Ukraine has been the hip and cool thing to do throughout the entirety of 2022 which is why (((America))) is so adamant to funnel billions of dollars into ZOGlynsky’s hands.

The wise folks at Team SNEED have clearly caught on well with this latest cuck trend, as they introduce the Ukraine Supporter DLC pack.

For just a single dollar you can stand with you cranes and show solidarity to America’s own insider trading collaborator, with the DLC pack introducing a Ukrainian flagpole for your suburban American house alongside unique “I Stand With Ukraine” bumper sticker and yard sign for your Goyota Prius.

You wouldn’t be supporting Ukraine hard enough unless you demonized the Grabbler known only as “Putler”, the DLC pack also includes a window sticker and hat that states “Fuck Putin” as well.

Your patronage is required, for just a single dollar you can fight for what’s right, white deaths and Grabblerish supremacy, you can stand for gay marriage and other glorious western additions of society, the Ukraine Supporter DLC pack for just $0.99 is just one small step to toppling the evil Putler dictatorship.

Slava Ukraini.

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