Crapcom Goes Woke – Capcom Suffers Ransomware Data Breach – Includes Politically Correct Business Strategies Along with Various Leaked Game Plans
17 November 2020
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I do apologize for the faggot thumbnail.


In recent history Capcom saw a resurgence from fans with the announcement and release of Resident Evil II remake though the fanfare was rather short lived as RE2 effectively highlighted which way Capcom were heading going into the future.

With the ugly Claire rendition of RE2 it was then leaked that there was a remake of the often overlooked Resident Evil 3 in the works. The excitement died the moment it was announced. Gone was the modern rendition of Jill modeled after Julia Voth, instead we got the strong female warrior “she” was always meant to be.

With the introduction of “Joll” saw the change of its wardrobe as Jill’s original outfit was seen as being unrealistic and oversexualized in my zombie horror video game.

Jill’s skirt was simply replaced with a skort further proving that women in video games can be strong and masculine heroines without apparently being subjected to being sex icons.

But that’s not really the end of it for the Resident Evil 3 Remake which was developed by an outsourced studio rather than Capcom directly and removed key portions of the original game such as the differing path options throughout the game, at several points in the original you were faced with a sudden choice to make most notably when encountering Nemesis.

The clocktower section from the original has been removed entirely, removing puzzles and the Carlos playable section. The graveyard, park and factory locations were also removed. Not only that but the original ending that takes place inside a factory was simply cut as well.

The fanfare for Capcom died upon the release of RE3 remake. The uncharismatic and unattractive “Joll” and the butchering of a classic left a disgusting taste in consumers mouths.


So it comes as no surprise that we’d rather laugh at Crapcom for the way their company is heading when they announced they’ve suffered a massive 1TB data breach due to an ransomware attack. The attack affected access to certain systems including email and file servers however Capcom have stated that no customer information was taken.

A group that goes by Ragnar Locker has taken claim to the attack and has demanded $11Million USD to decrypt the 1TB of data. However it would seem that Crapcom has refused payment as the group begun leaking multiple small achieves of Capcom’s data to a total of over 50GB now leaked online.

Among the data that has surfaced includes NDAs, business letters to bank statements and tax forms. Capcom later released an update regarding the security breach which can be found here:

Capcom claims that at least 18 pieces of employee personal information was obtained, along with 14,000 human resources information and 350,000 customer and business partner information.

However what we’re all interested in today are leaked games or business plans if any and inside those very archives lies the information we seek.

The source code for Devil May Cry 2 and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles was leaked.

Some of these files however date back to 2018 so plans may have changed as time went by. Resident Evill VIIIage is scheduled for a release in April 2021 with a demo being released before that, Capcom hopes to achieve a lifetime sales figure of 10 million copies sold. Among that are plans for a DLC called “Ethan’s Trauma” which features a new weapon and accessories along with alternative background music, screen filters and an increased difficulty.

Unsurprisingly given Crapcom’s increased desire to go woke leaked plans surfaced for a potential Resident Evil battle royal game. I guess Resident Evil Resistance went “so well” that Crapcom thought they could give battle royal the middle finger too. This game has been inside dubbed “Project Highway” or “Village Onlinbe”, needless to say it’s going to be absolute cancer.

There are plans to release a VR version of the cult classic Resident Evil 4 exclusive to Oculus (((Facebook))) Devices.

Plans for an Ace Attorney collection for Nintendo Switch and PS4 which features the first three games combined with The Great Ace Attorney which haven’t received a localized release.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is set to launch in June 2021 for PC and Nintendo Switch along with DLC expansions and microtransactions and post launch co-op events.

A total of three games are in development, two under unique in-house codenames going by Project Guillotine and Reiwa. Project Guillotine is set to launch in February 2021 for the Nintendo Switch with a later release to other platforms. Reiwa is set to launch in May 2021.

The third game which Capcom have put a lot of emphasis on is a multiplayer shooter dubbed “Shield”. With a demo planned to release in September 2021 to build up a community for its full release in March 2022 across all major platforms.

The leaks also state that Capcom intends to hire multiple streamers to play “Shield” to build up hype and its community. Though with perks and special bonuses for the contractual shills to entice them to keep playing after their contract expires.

Finally we move onto the most important thing surfaced. Capcom’s business strategies and their future plans.

Google has paid Capcom $10million USD to bring Resident Evil 7 & 8 onto the dead Google Stadia platform on February 1st 2021. Soyny have paid Crapcom $5million for an exclusive demo along with timed DLC for Resident Evil VII.

And surprise to nobody, among the leaked files shows a presentation on political correctness to avoid drama and controversy. Including avoiding the usage of certain language that’s deemed discriminatory or offensive. These are the guidelines for all of Capcom’s PR and advertising material in every region.

The documentation goes on to discuss what and what not to do for the game designers to incorporate gender neutral cosmetic items and stereotyping certain ethnic characters and voiding sexual and or obscene language and humor.

Speaking of sexuality, there’s a large presence of LGBT shit induced in the documentation that showcase The Lesbians of Us 2 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider as being positive examples of LGBT characters in video games.

If you thought Resident Evil 3 Remake was bad, just wait for the shit that’ll flow in the years to come.

Capcom have used both Princess Peach and Zelda as negative examples of women being nothing short of a woman in distress.

Lewd costumes should be equal amongst female and male characters evenly however the usage of such costumes can’t appeal specifically towards a specific gender. Custom characters should have the ability to be created with any hair styles and facial hair along with various body types.

It’s almost a guarantee that Crapcom have given out multiple presentations regarding the “inclusive” business ethics they wish to impose heading into the future which is a guarantee that we’ll be seeing a lot more inclusive pozzed trash coming from Crapcom in the years to come. I honestly have no sympathy for Capcom having their data breached, just as much as they have zero sympathy for the fans of the games they’ve destroyed with their woke trash policies.

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