Controlling the Narrative – Microsoft Introduces “Woke” Filter on Microsoft Word
15 January 2022
Censorship Microsoft Office 365 problematic transgression woke Word

This is how far society has fallen.

Microsoft is proud to announce that it has introduced a “revolutionary” feature on its Word software that otherwise guides individuals into writing more inclusively, I am not making this shit up.

Microsoft has gone above and beyond by injecting a woke monitoring system in Microsoft Word that will highlight phrases or words that either are or may be offensive, while offering PC word suggestions instead.

Microsoft Word is an immensely popular software, used by hundreds of millions of people. Microsoft word is a great tool for writing up just about anything and checking for spelling and or punctuation mistakes though of course what good is it to just simply correct ones grammar when a giant tech conglomerate such as Microsoft can use its software to control the narratives of those who use Word.

Introduced in the latest version of Office 365, Microsoft Word will now highlight problematic words and phrases with underlining in purple. This revolutionary Woke Word update looks for words and phrases that may “imply bias” or for the most part are problematic in the sense of gender specific pronouns, sexual orientation among other things such as being simply racist or transphobic by nature.

Because in the current year it’s offensive to dare utter words or occupations by their actual designation such as Firemen, Craftsman, Postman, Cameraman and Businessman.

Because as I’m sure you all know it’s considered problematic to utter men or man in the current year, instead Microsoft Word’s new woke feature will look to correct your transgressions by making corrective suggestions such as Firefighters, Artisans, Camera Operators and Businessperson.

Which is made all the more obvious as the famous line by Neil Armstrong from the alleged “moon landing”, “That’s one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind.” is actually considered problematic by Microsoft’s Woke Word with it making suggestions by replacing mankind to “humankind” or “humanity”.

Britbongs familiar with the children’s show, Postman Pat will be disgusted to hear that our old pal Pat and his black and white cat are just too offensive for modern eyes with Microsoft Word suggesting to change such wording to “Mail Carrier” or “Postal Worker” Pat.

It also proposes changing “maid” to “house cleaner.” With other problematic words including master, suggested to be changed to “expert”. Manpower is an obvious phrase that needs to be replaced of which Word suggests “workforce” instead. One one for the ladies as “heroine” is considered problematic as Microsoft Word wishes to replace it to the gender neutral term of hero.

Microsoft have previously tried experimenting with filters to block out “bad behavior” and more notably swear words in general, however with this new woke transgression filter Microsoft have kicked control and censorship into high gear.

Considering that just recently Xbox boss, Phil Spencer had a retarded thought for individuals who dare say naughty words online should be banned across all major gaming platforms, Microsoft as a whole will always maintain its position as being one of the biggest cancers in the tech sector second to none behind Apple.

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