Commonwealth Bank of Australia Now Linking Customer Transactions to Carbon Footprint
23 October 2022

Welcome to your future, which unfortunately is my reality.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has been a partner of startup fintech firm “Cogo” since October 2021, the aim of this partnership has been to crack down on “carbon emissions” through online spending.

This partnership blessed 250,000 Commbank users from viewing their virtual carbon footprint through their spending habits, regarding how much “CO2 Emissions” their purchases contribute towards or simply how many trees have been cut down.

But now however the Commonwealth Bank of Australia plans to integrate this “carbon footprint” bullshit across its online banking “NetBank” customers.

Naturally of course, Klaus Schwab is certainly the first person to think of as this being a positive aspect of everyday life, to demonize individuals for purchasing goods online and eventually imposing restrictions and fees against them for “polluting the planet”.

As the Commonwealth Bank of Australia will allow NetBank customers to “pay a fee” to offset their carbon footprint, because of course Australia’s (((Big Four))) banks simply don’t make enough as it is, so now they’re relying upon predatory means of relaying this carbon bullshit to customers in hopes that they will feel guilty about their spending habits.

To crack down on emissions it would be the most wisest decision to pay a fee to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia which nets profits in the billions every single year, to offset your pollution you should instead give more money to big Jewish bankers.

While Australia may have originated as a cesspit for convict outcasts, today it’s filled to the brim with Lebanese, Sudanese, Muslims and Chinks, the Australia of today has become a multicultural haven with Sydney and Melbourne being the gay capitals of this island territory, all at the helm of our Zionist Occupied (two party) Government.

While CommBank for now may just be introducing this bullshit as fearmongering, the eventuality is that soon enough we won’t have a choice, well I suppose you can just deal in cash all your life but good luck finding employment, soon enough these disgusting fucking banks will follow through with their plan of imposing restrictions and limitations on carbon allocation allowances.

Just like Mastercard.

The World Economic Forum are delighted to see Australia take control over its increasingly gay and docile population to “do more for the environment” I am sure, all the while Tesla continues to rape the earth and cash in on carbon credits.

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