Colorful Reintroduces “COLORFIRE” Graphics Cards with Reproduced NVIDIA GTX Turing GPUs
1 May 2021
16 SERIES 1600 1650 1650 Super 1660 SUPER COLORFIRE COLORFUL GeForce gtx Nvidia PINK rtx turing VITALITY OC

You may remember Colorful’s “ColorFire” range of graphics cards which were basically exclusively branded GPU’s for AMD’s Radeon RX 400/500 series graphics cards, however since then the ColorFire branding has long since been discontinued at least until now.

It would appear that Colorful have decided to bring the ColorFire name out of retirement as it intends to produce three questionably heterosexual aftermarket models for previous generation GTX 16-series components.

That’s right, Colorful are reselling older generation hardware in the form of the GTX 1660 Super, which is unsurprising considering that NVIDIA have began reproducing it for the soul purpose of selling them as the CMP 30HX mining processor.

The GTX 1650 and 1650 Super will also make their reentry into the market in the form of these ColorFire graphics cards. Which in itself isn’t all that surprising considering we’ve previously reported on a potential relaunch for the GTX 1650 specifically.

Surely enough Colorful couldn’t just resell old GTX Turing trash and get away with it. They’ve had to think outside the box with the design and aesthetics of these newly introduced ColorFire graphics cards and what better way to do so than by utilizing a grotesque light pink color scheme.

Hilariously enough all three Colorful GTX Turing cards are under the “Vitality OC” moniker despite the fact that the GTX 1660 Super is the only card among the lineup that actually features a factory overclock, and a marginal one at that. Though I suppose with the hideous pink and hilarious fake “ColorFibre” accent it certainly has increased my vitality by desperately wanting anything else.

The ColorFire GTX 1660 Super Vitality OC features a rather unnecessary triple fan design which isn’t at all indicative of the sort of performance and or heat output to be expected from this turd. With a overflow of pink on the shroud and the fans its broken up by a disgusting makeshift carbon fiber to breakup the gayness in the middle with the “ColorFire” branding being plastered all over it in which case is to simulate actual carbon fiber.

The backplate of which I somewhat approve of but it essentially boils down to a collage of “ColorFire” in various ways.

While the ColorFire GTX 1650 / Super feature a more modest dual fan design with the heatsink ripped straight out of Intel’s cancerous stock air cooler, that aside in my own personal opinion this dual fan shroud design looks immensely better than the triple fan design found on the GTX 1660 Super.

Honestly if I didn’t know any better I’d say that Colorful are ripping a page straight out of Tyrone Industries book when it comes to producing a graphics card for the female twitch thot demographic as we’ve previously seen from the Tyrone GTX 780 FFE.

However it must be said that these Colorfire graphics cards certainly do not invoke the tolerance of women as they are hideous beyond belief. Not only that but also in 2021 companies such as Colorful have began to introduce or rather reintroduce GTX 16-series graphics cards which is extremely depressing as without a doubt such garbage graphics cards are going to be price gouged regardless of their mining performance considering there’s literally nothing on store shelves for the gullible goyim to actually purchase leaving them with limited options when it comes to upgrading leaving them with no choice but to buy last gen trash with laughable performance by today’s standards.


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