Colorful Announce GeForce RTX 3060 iGame Bilibili E-Sports OC – A Unique Interpretation of The GA102 Founders Edition Design
2 May 2021
3060 BILIBILI China COLORFUL GeForce iGame Bilibili E-Sports OC Nvidia rtx

Not only have Colorful been busy when they announced the revival of the “ColorFire” branding with pink GTX Turing reproduction graphics cards but it seems they’ve completely lost the plot by also announcing possibly one of the coolest looking graphics cards for the GeForce RTX 3060.

Colorful are one of those brands that primarily deal and distribute their wares across South East Asian countries, primarily in countries such as China which is made abundantly clear from the announcement of the Colorful iGame Bilibili E-Sports OC which offers a unique style design remininsant of the standard NVIDIA Founder’s Edition of the RTX 3080/90 featuring the unique dual fan design across both sides of the GPU.

The design obviously pays homage towards the Chinese social media platform “Bilibili” who have teamed up with Colorful to produce this one of a kind spectacle with unique artwork spanning both sides of the card featuring the beloved mascot of Bilibili.

With the design so obviously ripped off from NVIDIA’s FE cards for GA102 graphics cards it too features a shortened PCB and the obnoxiously retarded placement of the external 8-pin power connector in the middle of the card as opposed to how graphics cards have positioned their external power connectors on the far side as to not obstruct the beauty allowing for more aesthetically pleasing cable management.

While this may possibly be one of the coolest cards I’ve ever seen it’s pretty clear that much like the Lenovo Legion it too will be limited to China as the intention of the iGame Bilibili E-Sports OC was to be made in partnership with the Chinese social platform Bilibili, however if you’re a citizen of the people’s republic and haven’t been thrown to the gulag yet chances are you may actually obtain one of these for yourself as there’s a limited purchase window running from April 30th to May 4th along with a limited lottery promotion where few of these cards will be given away.

Whether or not the crypto miners of China will take notice has yet to be determined however as it currently stands the iGame Bilibili E-Sports OC comes with a maximum boost frequency of 1822MHz with a maximum TDP value of 187W which is probably just enough to get this $500 turd just scraping by the previous generation RTX 2060 Super which was commonly found for much less before the whole mining craze.

I’ll always stand by my observation that the GeForce RTX 3060 is quite possibly the shittiest graphics card released this entire generation from its lackluster rasterization performance in comparison to previous generation hardware along with the same sort of laughable RTX performance to be expected at even low resolutions such as 1080p. When the RTX 3060 first launched it became apparent that NVIDIA stopped giving a crap about their fake MSRP’s as even the first launch cards came out to well over $450 USD.

While the iGame Bilibili E-Sports OC certainly adds character with its unique visuals it’s still undoubtedly a slow overpriced piece of shit RTX 3060 at the end of the day.

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