CODEX Announces Retirement
24 February 2022

EDIT: On a more positive note, CODEX has heard the voice of fans as to why they decided to leave the scene without grace as Elden Ring was just around the corner, thankfully CODEX goes out with one final bang having cracked Elden Ring released under PLAZA.

While the goyim are continuing to bicker over bullshit Jewish ploys regarding Russia and Ukraine some actual news has slipped through the cracks and with it comes the retirement of one of if not the most renowned piracy groups, CODEX.

Piracy is the true unsung hero for the free market, and if you’re a man of ethics like myself you’ll probably be rather distraught over yet another devastating loss of the iconic scene release group.

Video games as you’d probably know have been in sharp decline over the past decade in terms of quality, enjoyability and of course POZZification, where the games of today have turned into glorified cinematic walking simulators with political propaganda and gender politics being pushed upon consoomers.

Needless to say as gaming as a whole has been eroding away and replaced with pure faggotry that “warez” or “cracking” groups would too be on the decline, such has been the case as the piracy crowd has lost multitudes of different release groups over the years either from police raids or straight up dissolving.

CPY for instance have simply fallen off the face of the earth for well over a year at this point.

CODEX as a group stood above the rest since establishing themselves back in 2014, setting the staple for scene releases only to have fallen from grace over the years. Kickass installer music, DLC packages and updates galore.

Denuvo has clearly proven to be quite challenging for CODEX however as their initial Denuvo crack artisan seemingly left the group and established their own, you may know them as “EMPRESS”, since then CODEX has simply faded from the spotlight and somewhat become a laughing stock amongst entitled faggots of Reddit and 4Chan.

But unfortunately these sorts of things can’t last forever as CODEX officially announced their retirement in their latest NFO with their release of The Sims 4 “My Wedding Stories” which is just a godawful way to go if you ask me, especially with the release of Elden Ring just a matter of days away.

The ramifications from CODEX hanging up their keyboard probably won’t be as significant as it should be which pains me to say, though I’m entirely sure the one most effected by CODEX’s retirement would probably be FitGirl.

Repack faggots who pride themselves by butchering the work laid out by CODEX and formally EMPRESS, as FitGirl reaps the rewards as you waste hours of your life unpacking “her” shit.

Exactly from which scene release FitGirl with base its repacks on moving forward is probably one of the biggest questions to rise from this whole ordeal because CODEX’s absence will no doubt hinder FitGirl and at least that’s probably the only good that will come from this shitty situation.

Because FitGirl simply refuses to repack releases made by EMPRESS, why? Because EMPRESS actually has the balls to call these fucking repack schmucks out for what they truly are, leaches.

Another more recent reason as to why FitGirl may avoid repacking EMPRESS releases would probably boil down to homophobic statements they laid out in the NFO of a recent Red Dead Redemption 2 release where EMPRESS simply put Rockstar Gaymes on blast.

Now of course with such clear hatred of Rockstar Games and the faggotry within RDR2 has made the questionable faggot pirate gaymers of reddit very upset.

For everything barring Denuvo anti-tamper DRM, CODEX has remained an integral part when it came to releases in general. With CODEX gone there’s seriously going to be a massive void moving forward that the likes of “DARKSiDERS” can’t simply fill with basic fodder and smut that’s released on Steam every single day.

CODEX serviced the masses undertaking so many day 0 releases across the board on Steam, Epic Game Store and others, with updates and DLC addons being abundant there’s certainly no replacement for the group that has undoubtedly become the godfather amongst them all.

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