Chinese Players Review Bomb Total War: WARHAMMER for Influencer Key Distribution
14 February 2022
China PC Gaming Review Bomb Steam Streamer Total War: Warhammer

Soy vey, how dare these laowai pigs bring their commercialist tactics into our sacred communistical wonderland.

The Chinese are always upset about something and more often than not it’s for a good reason, considering how the Chinese hold extreme bias against niggers and faggots.

Chinese consumers are notorious for their review bomb nature if something upsets them or their communistical spirit or country.

Unsurprisingly they’re angry once again, if you were to make your way over to the Steam store pages for Total War: Warhammer I and II you’ll be met with hundreds of recent negative reviews.

Naturally of course with any large online game its community would certainly consist of degenerate faggots and the everlasting Chinese, the sporadic review bombing had the Total War: Warhammer community scratching their heads as to why the Chinese are outraged once again with the likes of Reddit and the Total War forums lighting up in reaction to the Chinese flurry of negative reviews.

So why exactly are the Chinese outraged this time? Because publishers, SEGA did what basically has become standard practice among these sorts of games. What SEGA did was unquestionably anti-communist for they gave out a bunch of product keys for the upcoming Total War: Warhammer III to Chinese streamers and influencers.

SEGA actually handed out codes for Total War: Warhammer III early to basically any Chinese streamer, whether they actually played games or not was irrelevant. Avid Chinese consumers are outraged over this heinous act simply because others got their hands on Warhammer 3 a week early.

But in typical fashion, Chinese content creators who actually play Total War: Warhammer have actually been left out of the mix, so it’s really just SEGA propping the game up by bribing influencers like how (((RAID: Shadow Legends))) continues to be spammed on a daily basis by thousands of JewTubing faggots.

Now, it’s quite common for large publishers / developers to hand out review product keys to influencers such as JewTubers of streamers, in many such circumstances they’d be under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) until a specified date though sometimes however they’re actually obligated to play the games early for influential purposes to generate hype.

Especially when you have large scale publishers such as Ubisoft who fail to actually pander towards its market of retarded GAYmers, they instead will opt to give its influential shill pieces “mystery boxes” containing a bunch of stupid shit for one of its games, Rainbow Six Siege, or prior they’d fly out these influencers out to one of Ubisoft’s French studios to “vlog” their escapades as they get to experience “Steep”, a game nobody remembers.

Such practices is actually all to common in the automotive industry, as car manufacturers will fly out reviewer clientele with first class seats and accommodation to obviously “cloud” their worthless judgement.

Now for the Chinese to be outraged now all of a sudden because a publisher does its usual thing to generate hype for Total War: Warhammer III is extremely laughable and downright petty, but I do understand why they’re doing it.

Such practices are just cancerous by nature, but the aforementioned review bombing is just coming from extremely salty players who desperately just want to get their hands on Warhammer 3, and in having to watch some e-thot streamer put a multitude of hours into playing the game a week early, I’d probably start crying too but at the very least watching all these Chinese players get unbelievably salty over something such as this just has me dying with laughter because at the end of the day they’ve still got their pre-order for Total War: Warhammer III.

Thank you for the tip: WittyUserName

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