Chinese Mod for Dying Light 2 De-Faggotizes Lawan
11 February 2022
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Update: A download link for the mod has been found, if at all interested you may download the mod HERE, with the required password being “1234

Update 2: The mod has now been uploaded to Nexus Mods and is free to download for anyone, at least until they decide to ban it so get to it.

Thank you based bugmen.

Dying Light 2 has only been out for around a week already and already gamers have realized that it’s merely just another run of the mill mediocre game that has interjected political pandering in the work of an ugly dyke niggeress.

With the first Dying Light being rather underwhelming when it comes to the story with other mechanics being vastly improved from previous “Dead Island” installments, from the reveal for the aforementioned sequel I thought it was nothing special.

The parkour mechanics looked slow and sluggish and with the current trends of video gayming I just knew that Techland would be interjecting diversity in the game in one form of another, though apparently it still comes as a surprise that upon release it would appear to have been downgraded from what had been showcased at large conventions such as E3 over the years.

This of course is probably attributed from then lead writer Chris Avellone having been showed the door at Techland following barbaric “metoo” allegations of sexual misconduct, forcing Techland to essentially scrap his vision and bastardized Dying Light 2 with faggotry.

However, the Chinese gaming community have taken issue with Dying Light 2, specifically one of the main characters, Lawan who was actually race swapped into a bastardized nigger from the E3 reveal of Dying Light 2.

Blimey ain’t she just a looker, with the enforcement of pozzitivity in video gaymes, Lawan is one of the main featured characters throughout Dying Light 2 so obviously she needs to be an ugly man-faced troon nigger.

Needless to say with Tencent apparently enforcing policies such as “No Niggers” and “Bigger Tits” in films that the company finances, the Chinese are notorious for their ill-treatment and bias against basically everyone who isn’t a slanty-eyed gook.

CCP minions have come out of the woodworks with their own modification in attempt to alleviate the sheer faggotry of Lawan’s design in-game by completely swapping her player model from that of another NPC’s player model.

The mod in question surfaced from the depths of hell (Reddit) and obviously caused quite a stir with disgruntled liberal faggots questioning the racial prejudice of the Chinese.

But of course in typical fashion a mod such as this once surface comes to light without the only thing of actual interest, a download link, but if a download link does become available it will certainly be featured here in the future.

Not that you’d probably want to download the mod if it were available anyway given the sheer amount of faggotry in Dying Light 2, you certainly don’t want to be buying this piece of shit nor would you want to be pirating it either as it comes bundled with everyone’s favorite anti-tamper DRM solution… Denuvo.

While you may not be able to download the mod right now at the very least there’s some in-game footage available showcasing the mod in action and I must say how well executed the simple model switch actually ended up being.

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