Chinese Gacha Trash “Goddess of Victory: NIKKE” Introduces Censorship for Laowai Regions
31 October 2022
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Generally speaking, Gacha games are the epitome of garbage, preying upon individuals with low testosterone with microtransactions, woeful “gameplay” and the ability to unlock new characters to gawk at.

Chinese games are horrible, Genshin Impact is by far the best thing to come from the region and it is the STAPLE of gacha trash and censorship nonsense, with the game itself generating billions from laowai coomers, the folks at MiHoYo introduced various altered costume designs for its various scandalous characters over a year after release.

If you take a step away from MiHoYo when it comes to Chinese gacha trash you fall flat on your ass and reach the woefulness that is “Tower of Fantasy”, that is of course if Tower of Fantasy as a name wasn’t stolen as well with the bugmen of Perfect World desperately trying to capture Genshin’s appeal.

However for those in the know, when it comes to garbage mobile gacha trash that hails from the region of communists, Goddess of Victory: NIKKE has been a staple for mindless coomers to gawk at busty ladies.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is developed by unknown Chinese proxy, “Shift Up” but importantly it is published by Level Infinite, who are of course owned by Tencent Games, BUT coincidentally Level Infinite are also the publishers behind Tower of Fantay so that’s nice.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE has no real gameplay to offer, however what it does provide are lots of women, name me one gacha game that doesn’t, however the niche with this particular form of gacha garbage comes in the form of watching various Live2D babes absurdly jiggle their ass and tits as you shoot at enemies.

And that’s just about it, like every other gacha game the entire premise is to throw busty babes in your face to issue a dopamine response getting you hooked in hopes to snatch away your income.

The game itself is soon making its way into western regions and of course to meet those globalized requirements it must be censored.

Various instances of characters having their costumes altered to be far less revealing have been noted during the western beta for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE.

I’m not much of a marketing genius but when your entire userbase consist of degenerate whales whom fund you in hopes to unlock one of the many characters introduced on a regular basis, introducing cancerous censorship to meet age restrictions or any other bullshit is probably not the best way to go about it if money is what you want.

Once again it has to be said that Nexon have done the right thing by introducing a higher age rated version without additional censorship for Blue Archive moving forward alongside reintroducing aspects that were previously adjusted.

However one way to not go about dealing with censorship and the eventual criticism you’ll face for it is for the team of NIKKE to state that there is “no plans for censorship” however some characters may in fact “become more conservative or revealing” compared to early artwork to better “fit their personality”.

Quite a contradictory statement, a pretty hilarious way to say that it will be censored as previously seen during the western beta, and just to highlight the point further for western region releases Goddess of Victory recently had an update that introduces 12 new characters that will soon be collectable.

And one character for instance, Isabel will undoubtedly be censored in western regions, there’s no denying that her extremely revealing attire makes the character VERY appealing.

How Isabel managed to actually make it through on release for their standardized Korean server I haven’t the slightest clue.

Left = Korean Server
Right = Censored Outfit, Global Perhaps?

However while Isabel may be the most revealing set of cheeks on display for Goddess of Victory, she does unfortunately already come with a slightly altered attire which will certainly take proper shape for the eventual global release next month.

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