(((Chase Bank))) Shoah’s Ties With Kanye West For Exposing The Tribe
13 October 2022
Chase Bank Kanye West

The “powerless” shlomos have struck again, this time telling their latest token nigger, Kanye “Ye” West to find another bank.

Kanye West found himself under the radar just a few short days ago as he made meanspirited tweets centered around the chosenites while suggesting that the Jews are the ones behind cancel culture.

While of course Kanye may be correct there’s no such thing as a good nigger but it’s enjoyable to see the nigger pawns turn around and assault their Jewish masters, with the alleged “musician” having his instagram account purged, he has become the latest individual pressed by individuals to be canceled by Jewish organizations for allegedly stating that Jews control everything.

Because of course, when someone infamously large rebels against kikes it becomes all the more challenging for them to try and convince the goyim that they have no power when they’re forced to use their powers to silence individuals such as Kanye West when using hurty words exposing Jewish tyranny.

Jews are a plague, country hopping, infecting and infesting raping every inhabited space dry, killing as many whites as they possibly could through orchestrated wars and infighting. But enough is never enough for gods “chosen” people.

When a schwartze steps out of line the immediate reaction is to strip away their funds and finances, such as JP Morgan Chase Bank of which without reason has cut ties with the billionaire nigger.

With Kanye having until November to withdraw funds to another financial institution of which I am “totally sure” will house the rampant “anti-Semite”.

The kikes are at a crossroads, with the steep collapsing of western society the Jews are merely continuing to flex their (((powers))) but the problem in doing so is the more they’re forced to show their strength the more apparent it has become meaning the more the goyim are going to start noticing things.

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