CHAOS;HEAD NOAH Unbanned From Steam!
8 October 2022

Finally some good fucking news but don’t let this information discourage you from the fact that you shouldn’t actually purchase anything off of Valve’s Steam storefront less you’ll be handing over your shekels to the fat kike known only as Gabe Newell.

You’ve heard me right, Steam have backpedaled on their retarded banning of the CHAOS;HEAD NOAH visual novel, which doesn’t feature gratuitous sex or nudity but more rather it just contained some scenes with gore.

The visual novel had originally been barred from releasing back on August 18th with a subsequent follow-up from publishers Spike Chunsoft on September 30th reaffirming Valve’s stance against allowing the visual novel on the Steam store, as Chunsoft were seeking alternatives for its PC release while the Nintendo Switch copy of the VN should release without issues today actually.

However a welcome surprise comes from Spike Chunsoft who announced on their website that CHAOS;HEAD NOAH will be launching on Steam.

With Valve making the unusual move to backtrack on its stance against Japanese titles from releasing on its platform by blindly throwing darts at a board, citing that upon a re-review of the game by Valve’s woke and insensitive content review team the game has now been given permission for release without any altercation of the VN whatsoever.

Maybe this has something to do with the very large vocal outrage regarding as to why Valve decided to ban this particular game from releasing, considering how you’re able to purchase and play the sequel of this particular visual novel, CHOAS;CHILD, on the Steam store, Valve’s stance against this specific game makes absolutely no fucking sense.

Valve state that they will be “reevaluating” their review process ensuring that barbaric bullshit of this magnitude don’t repeat themselves although I have the utmost confidence that Valve will continue to be two faced kikes when it comes to the Steam store.

Valve has a serious issue with Japanese games in particular, nudity for one is not allowed unless of course it comes from Kosher publishers such as Kagura Games, features Kosher kinks such as shota-con, monsters and furfaggotry.

Another reason as to why Steam miraculously allows eroge content on its storefront happens to be if the game itself was made outside of the country of Japan in which case the game is more often than not allowed on the Steam store while Japanese games have to go through the eternal hell that is Steam’s review board.

Steam for instance are allowing Jo Ken Shugi F-ist, a “hentai” game developed by the Chinese.

Long story short, whether or not Valve decided to unban this harmless visual novel means absolutely nothing, in fact all it does is reaffirm my sheer hatred for the Steam Store or any other digital media storefronts as Valve are possibly the most bipolar company on the face of the Earth.

If you really must purchase this stellar VN I would encourage you to rather spend your shekels purchasing the Nintendo Switch version if you happen to be a perpetulant manchild who happens to own one, in which case you might find the CHAOS;HEAD NOAH and CHOAS;CHILD double pack compelling to buy.

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