[REVIEW] Racing Lagoon – An Overlooked “Car-PG” Gem

What do you get when you combine RPG elements from what were one of the world's most notorious RPG developers, Squaresoft. Injected with a shit load of crystal meth and infused with the culture of Initial D? You get quite possibly one of the greatest video games nobody's ever heard of. Racing Lagoon. Released all the way back in 1999 for the Playstation, Racing Lagoon or as I'd rather call it the "High Speed Racing RPG" was only available only…

[REVIEW] Mafia: City of Lost Heaven – An Aryan Game From A Bygone Era of Gaming

Mafia is the game that defines the golden age of PC games. A game so well made, so realistic so... White that you simply know it was a goddamn masterpiece. Developed by Illusion Softworks by the same developer (game designer actually) who Made Kingdom Come Deliverance (Danial Vávra) in 2002. After witnessing the FILTH that is Mafia (((definitive niggerified edition))) it's safe to say Modern gaming is Yiddler'd beyond salvation. That's why I'm taking you into a nostalgia trip (if you're familiar with…

[REVIEW] Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade – Kill Sodomites, Sand-niggers and Demons
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After rinsing myself of the FILTH that is modern video games I've decided to go back to revisit my youth, and at the same time play better video games. Originally I wanted to review LOTR Return of the king but a comment on GrabblerTube by a Yiddler gave me a better idea what to review. I decided I'll make a review on a game loved by few and unknown by many, that game? Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade Made by…

(VIDEO) Black Lives Splatter Review – MoonMan Vs. Modern America
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After learning the hard lessons under Wolf Brew Games, Andrew Gilmour teamed up with Big Sugar, Steel Mantis, Merge Games, and Digital Uppercut to provide gamers with an uncompromising journey through the dark fate of the violent world of Valfaris for home consoles and PC, and this game absolutely knocked it out of the park. When Andrew Gilmour of Wolf Brew Games introduced gamers to the heavy metal, Gothic, hack-and-slash side-scroller, Slain!, so many years ago it was obvious that he had a passion…