Cancel Culture Strikes Again – Kayano Ai Removed from Azur Lane and Arknights due to Upsetting CCP Loyalists
27 June 2021
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Fuck Yostar.

The ever increasing battle of cancel culture has struck once again making the score 2-1 in favor of these screeching degenerates with the popular voice actress Kayano Ai being outright removed from her roles in Azur Lane and Arknights.

However this time around the cancel culture mob actually comes from the communist shithole known as China, where quite a number of animal abusing chinks were extremely upset over Kayano Ai sharing her personal live in a visit to a “controversial” memorial known as the Yasukuni Shrine.

Kayano Ai is an extremely popular Japanese voice actress, and like all popular Japanese VA’s she is featured in a literal fuckload of prominent roles spanning across more anime than you or I could probably count, with one of her main roles as an example Darkness from the ever popular KonoSuba series.

Now that aside, Kayano Ai had the “audacity” to publicize her trip on social media to the “controversial” Yasukuni Shrine on February 11th, her trip to the memorial shrine rather upset the imperialist citizens of China.

Just disgusting. The Yasukuni Shrine commemorates the fallen casualties of war who serviced Japan whether they be military or civilians. The Yasukuni Shrine is dedicated to more than 2.46 million men, women and children who’ve died in service of Japan.

However the “controversy” arises from the 1,068 convicted war criminals that the memorial also commemorates which as a result greatly upsets the people of Korea and China.

And it was those very disgusting chinks who outraged by Kayano Ai’s actions flocked to their communistic Chinese social media to outright cancel Kayano Ai from any and all media she has appeared in or voiced in.

Though I’m entirely sure the lynch mob against her was entirely justified with the recuperation of social credit points for each individual involved.

And sadly it seems the CCP screeching has been heard loud and clear, despite later removing her video and tweets regarding her visit to the shrine the damage has already been done as Kayano Ai was effectively removed roles in popular Chinese mobile games such as Arknights and Azur Lane according to users on Varis Forum.

A Reddit post highlighted the fact that the VA credit for the character “Platinum” in Arknights was removed, Platinum is or rather WAS voiced by Kayano Ai and has now been subsequently removed due to upsetting Chinese nationalists by paying respects to the deceased.


Not only was she removed from her role in Arknights but Kayano Ai has also lost her roles on another popular Chinese mobile game, “Azur Lane” of which Kayano Ai voices seven individual characters.

So far at least Kayano Ai has only been removed and discredited on the CN versions of Azur Lane and Arknights though according to a reddit comment, they are in the process of removing her from other versions of Arknight as least, such as the EN/Global and JP versions which will undoubtedly be received with criticism from players of those regions as Kayano Ai is an insanely popular VA.

Though if she’s removed from the other regions of Arknights you can count on her dismissal from the EN and JP regions of Azure Lane as well, simply because enough is never enough when it comes to the commitment and rage of loyal communists of China’s social media platforms.

Kayano Ai’s removal from the CN versions of both games alone sparked this much interest, if she were to be removed from the JP and EN versions as well you can certainly bet that players will be extremely upset over such a brash and bullshit decision and will result in players outright quitting.

Japanese players will certainly boycott if Kayano Ai was removed from the JP version of either game.

In true Chinese fashion the official Arknights discord server has gone into a “Shut it Down” mentality by banning users who dare mention this sensitive subject. Some social credit points will be coming their way to the moderators of the Arknights discord server for sure.

Cancel Culture has certainly had a major resurgence over the last couple weeks and more than likely how easy it has been for their intended targets to bend the knee (most of the time) it will undoubtedly continue strong moving forward.

The removal and discredit of Kayano Ai’s work on Arknights and Azur Lane also highlights the important issue to other voice actors, they will be surely afraid of sharing their own personal lives on social media moving forward just in case anything of this sort may also happen to them in the future.

Now I personally don’t play either Arknights or Azur Lane simply because I think the entire premise of mobile gacha games are a complete and utter laugh, especially those developed by Chinese developers who plain and simply can go fuck themselves, but it’s this kind of bullshit that makes me hate them even more.

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