Bungie Gets BLACKED – Introducing “Black at Bungie”
18 November 2020

Video game developers and publishers have been going all out in recent months virtue signaling over the death of controversial suicide of a criminal drug addict who just so happened to be black. Bungie themselves are no stranger to advocating domestic terrorism in the form of Black Lives Matter.

Bungie themselves have fallen off a cliff after cutting ties with Microsoft as they believed that MS were too “restrictive” leading Bungie to be constrained in the development process of their new IP, Destiny. So they did the right thing in leaving Microsoft to partner up with Activision.

That partnership went extremely well as after eight years of their ten year publishing agreement Bungie sought to terminate its deal with Activision Blizzard after the renowned flop of Destiny 2 and its many desperate microtransactions as the two companies butted heads in the creative direction of where the Destiny franchise should go heading into the future.

Leaving one partner for an abusive one, Bungie really showcasing their intelligence there.

However it would seem that Bungie is going above and beyond in BLM pandering to its audience with its resurgence of releasing Destiny 2 on Steam as a free-t0-play title.

Introducing BLACKED at Bungie

Bungie have released a press release on their website simply titled “Introducing Black at Bungie” and of course it’s full of nonsensical drivel about muh equality, inclusivity and highlighting diversity within the gaming industry. Of course on the whim of the “poor” and “tragic” murder of Saint George Floyd who has gone a whopping 177 days sober.

The press release reads:

Earlier this year, the first Inclusion Club – Black at Bungie – was formed. With the goal of celebrating and uplifting Black employees at the studio, the Black at Bungie Inclusion Club has been on the vanguard of not only setting an example of what Inclusion Clubs can be for Bungie employees, but also helping to facilitate and navigate vital conversations during a pivotal moment in modern society. Created and powered by Bungie employees, Inclusion Clubs (ICs) are groups that exist to connect those of similar cultural backgrounds and those who wish to connect as supportive allies. ICs are also a resource within Bungie, there to provide culturally relevant perspectives, advice, and ideas on everything from organizational culture to the products we create.

The concept of Inclusion Clubs came from the Bungie Diversity Committee (BDC), which is dedicated to improving upon Bungie’s standards for all matters of diversity and inclusion. While the BDC is dedicated to addressing broader issues of diversity, Inclusion Clubs were created to support the goals of specific underrepresented groups, and to provide employees with resources and budget that they can use to support the causes that matter to them.

And of course as all good goy (((corporations))) who hope to earn your shekels by pushing gender, equality and politics into the video gaming industry they hope to achieve this by supporting and donating to various expositions and charities.

The mention of “Inclusion Clubs” to “connect” those of similar cultural backgrounds as supportive “allies” is beyond hysterical. It’s perfectly sensible for Jamal to seek out and organize other white bashing anarchists from the ghettos across the world as a race however if white people dared organize collectively it would be deemed racist among the likes of Nazi ideology.

Funny enough the cucks and faggots over on Reddit didn’t take the news of Bungie’s BLACKED policy lightly. Which is strange because I thought the faggots who still use reddit actively supported such heinous policies and pandering?

The reddit thread itself has been locked on numerous occasions along with the effective scrubbing of comments.

The writing has been on the wall for years now regarding Bungie, I guess you can say it was their Destiny to be BLACKED. I hold no sympathy for Bungie themselves though as a fan of Halo Reach, the last good game Bungie actually developed it makes me sad that this is how Bungie dies.

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