Bullshit – Sony’s “Response” to Bloomberg Report – Makes Claim That Japanese Market Is of “Utmost Importance”
15 November 2020
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Cities can rebuild, however can the trust between Soyny and Japanese consumers be rebuilt?

Honestly, I extremely fucking doubt that. Ever since Sony decided to relocate their SIE (Soyny Interactive Entertainment) headquarters to the lawless waters of Commiefornia has resulted in the company pursuing more “globalized” standards when it comes to its terms of service and most importantly the kinds of games featured on their consoles.

It’s no surprise that a Bloomberg report depicts that Sony have “pushed away” their home region of Japan to focus entirely on going globo-homo. With Bloomberg’s report citing from an insider that PlayStation no longer sees the Japanese market as important.

Sony’s half-arsed response to the Bloomberg article simply put states that its “home market remains of the utmost importance.” and that shifting focus away from Japan “doesn’t reflect the company’s strategy”

Censoring and butchering the Japanese market doesn’t in any shape or form reflect upon Sony’s strategy of shifting attention away from Japan for a more globalized appeal.

They’ve put as much thought into the response as they’ve given a damn towards the SIE branch in Tokyo, which according to Bloomberg’s insider claims they’re awaiting instructions from California. This just shows how dire the situation is for Soyny when it comes to the complete dismantlement of SIE and the PlayStation platform.

Honestly if any Japanese developer is actually convinced Soyny still considers Japan to be a viable market for them they deserve to go bust just like Sony probably will over the next coming years, they don’t give a single fuck about the Japanese gaming industry.

Since SIE had its HQ relocated to Commiefornia, Sony themselves have pushed forth with more stricter and barbaric censorship policies that seem to only target Japanese developers. Soyny have gone guns blazing when it comes to censorship though only if the games themselves derive from Japan and target a male demographic.

Most recently Sony have completely ruined Senran Kagura 7EVEN published by Marvelous on the PlayStation platform. With the woke censorship policies enacted by Soyny it was labeled as being impossible to release. The game was announced back in 2017 and will never see the light of day again.

Soyny then wreaked havoc upon PQcube and their release of Aokana Four Rhythms Across The Blue by of course requiring the game be censored before release seeing multiple scenes being edited and some outright removed.

This needless censorship has had severe repercussions for Sony who are now losing the support of Japanese developers left and right who refuse to release upcoming titles on any PlayStation platform.

Speaking of PQube, they’ve had the wonderful idea in ditching Soyny with their upcoming release of Gal*Gun Returns, along with the absence of Abyss of The Sacrifice which is being remastered for the Nintendo Switch and the PC yet started out in life as a PSP exclusive.

Finally even XSEED Games and Marvelous have had enough of Sony’s shit by canceling  any plans for a localized release of UPPERS! on the PlayStation.

Because anime girls suddenly became prohibited right after SIE HQ was moved, and with that has brought saw Sony’s increased interests in woke agenda policies and supporting domestic terrorist organizations such as Black Lives Matter along with various other faggotry organizations.

What doesn’t strike me surprised is how all these Japanese games are censored however the most heinous act of all was the release of The Lesbians of Us II which was nothing short of a cancerous faggot infested fanfiction that played more or less like a horrible interactive movie. You see in this Mature rated game consumers are exposed to actual mo-capped sex scenes of Niel Druckmann’s fantasy of fucking an ugly tranny.

However in the plethora of M rated titles from the land of the rising sun simply put anything remotely above PG must be censored to accommodate “globalized” standards, let alone anything above MA15+ being removed entirely thanks to Sony’s policies.

This backlash of Japanese developers certainly comes untimely with Microsoft’s ever increasing appetite of wanting to purchase Japanese game studios to increase their stronghold within the region, which the last time their console hit store shelves with the Xbox One didn’t even scrape 1% of sales in Japan.

Microsoft are trying their hardest to breach the Japanese market with their new Xbox Series X & S consoles which were sold out within the region while Sony themselves have clearly ghosted Japan entirely with their goal of a more “globalized” business ethic.

Globalized in the sense of no more attractive women, no more straight male gamers and induced faggotry.

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