Blue Archive Subreddit Bans “CUNNY”, Bans 😭 Crying Emoji
8 November 2022
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Blue Archive is a mobile gacha game, and like many other gacha games, the entire premise is to prey upon coomers with predatory microtransaction loot box “gacha” pulls where players can either grind or pay to unbox and unlock new characters, said characters for the most part are luscious women wearing risque outfits and or simply have a large pair of tits.

Blue Archive is also the perfect example of what publishers should do when essentially forced to censor to meet specific age rating requirements, by increasing its age rating while offering another version to meet new requirements.

Gacha games are immensely popular, when companies throw sex appeal at coomsoomers it’s quite hard not to actually make money, but that’s besides the point.

Reddit on the contrary is a degenerate hivemind of Liberal communists and actual sex pests, the sorts of people who’d look at games like Blue Archive and demonize them for being pedophilic, naturally these two entities cannot be combined.

So it comes as no surprise that the Predditor moderators of the Blue Archive Subreddit have gone above and beyond in being sensitive faggots under the guise of “protecting” minors and the “sexualization” of characters…… in a gacha game that sexualizes characters for profit.

What exactly have the faggot moderators of the r/BlueArchive subreddit done exactly? They’ve cracked down and simply banned the usage of an EMOJI.

I’m not fucking joking.

I am guessing that the degenerate moderators of the subreddit in question don’t actually play Blue Archive, although it’s not so much a guess as it is obvious given how explicit or NSFW content is prohibited despite majority of the characters in the game itself being extremely raunchy, a plethora of them are actually “lolis”.

So much so that Blue Archive as a game has the nickname of “Cunny Archive“.

But why ban an emoji? It’s hard to explain specifically but the “😭” emoji has been completely subverted with “CUNNY” meme posting, which I find absolutely fucking hysterical.

Loli artwork is essentially banned on most social platforms, you don’t need a PHD to figure out why, in its place however people have begun to spam the particular “😭” emoji along with the words of either CUNNY or “UOOOH!”

While not hurting anyone, besides the fragile mental states of prolific faggot puritans, in a game that’s generally all about sexualization of characters that physically resemble women or “lolis” it makes absolutely no sense why either the emoji or the word cunny would be banned from the subreddit, probably because the moderators are legitimate child predators.

Naturally, the communist moderators have removed the threads mentioning that the loudly crying emoji had been banned, just as they have removed this particular thread of them attempting to back peddle over the banning on account of various Redditors sending the subreddit moderation team with vile harassment direct messages most certainly containing that dreadful emoji.

DM’s filled with crying emojis? Someone call the ADL because this is LITERALLY TERRORISM.

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