Black Lives Splatter Review – Carmageddon Meets Modern America
7 December 2020
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Indie games and developers are nothing new or exciting, however in recent years indie games and developers have been flushed straight down the shitter along with the gaming industry for that matter as a whole. The modern “indie developer” these days either consists of an extremely small team of people or a new studio founded from rejected employees of the AAA gayming industry. Majority of which come from either Ubisoft or EA owned studios.

To summarize it better, the modern indie game of today consists of nothing but shovel ware pozzed trash made to be inclusive and pander political agendas. Though today I’m proud to say that not all indie gaymes share this terrible fate as we run through Black Lives Splatter.

Black Lives Splatter is free to download over at

Black Lives Splatter was seemingly developed an a single anonymous individual on 8chan and instills a political agenda of its own, however in the case of Black Lives Splatter this “political agenda” is seemingly the right way of thinking, more or less a nice take on modern society. While still in development Black Lives Splatter offers a verity of vehicles and locations to pick and play with just version 0.20.

With American citizens being under the thumb of liberal Marxists and the BLM militia a game of this nature provides even more dark humor and a sense of satisfaction as the premise of the game is all too real.


The story is pretty straightforward. With liberal Marxists and BLM negroids rioting and looting crime rate has skyrocketed, you play as Moonman who upon watching (((MSM))) broadcasts of violent BLM protests sparking riots due the suicide of George Floyd. Moonman fed up with all these niggers chimping out, sadly while out of ammo to go on a proper coon killing spree Moonman has the ingenious idea of running down these violent niggers with his car. You venture out of your garage and thrusted into your neighborhood which is in complete disarray thanks to the rioting under the pretense of Black Lives Matter protests.

From then on out it’s pretty simple. You’re tasked with exterminating the chimp populous seemingly decreasing America’s crime rate with every kill. The niggers themselves will taunt and attack you by throwing bricks, bananas, bottles and other objects. Upon killing 90% of coons located in the area you’re then able to proceed to the exit which provides a score screen and unlocks the next area.

As you progress you’ll discover that new areas offer new unique enemies to run down and slaughter. Such enemies include: Antifa faggots, buff niggers, kikes, jihadi dune coons and even glow in the dark CIA niggers.

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While Black Lives Splatter may come off as a rather plain game both by design and gameplay wise it offers quite a few interesting quality of life features which rounds everything off nicely. The basic 3D low-polygon aesthetic of the game makes it very easy to run on many systems.

The gameplay is basic. You’re in an enclosed area and are tasked with running over all the niggers, kikes and dune coons in said area eliminating crime rates in the process. It takes a general presence from the cult classic Carmageddon game series with the focus being prioritized on strictly killing the faggot and nigger pedestrians and earning points in the process.

As previously mentioned the coons will throw various objects at you as you’re running them down, this will result in you taking damage. And as such there are various pickups scattered around the map such as Nitro to aid for extra speed and wrenches which replenish health lost.

Collecting multiple tanks of nitrox to stack allows you to use your nitro as a flame weapon against the verity of different enemies burning them alive.

Nitrox is also especially useful to fulfill bonus challenges dubbed hate crimes by for instance performing a stunt jump over the crack den on the Suburbs level or laying down some fat skidmarks on the faggotized LGBT rainbow crossing on the Downtown level.

Sometimes however simply running them down the first time just isn’t enough as you’ll soon come across a few stragglers who’ve gotten back up and can be seen limping away, some however will be laid out on the ground attempting to crawl away. These particular animations really incentivize the player to turn back around and run the fuckers over again for a second time, finishing the job.

There’s nine vehicles in total to choose from to slaughter the plague of the modern world, each with their own unique and differentiating handling and physics however in order to actually unlock said vehicles requires quite a bit of money which is earned after completing a level which requires a little bit of replaying in order to buy the more expensive vehicles.

There is however an upside to grinding aside from ruthlessly slaughtering kikes and coons and that is the music.

Black Lives Splatter features countless tracks by Johnny Rebel along with various tracks from modern based musicians such as Blink 1488 and Mr. Bond. Of course there’s various Moonman songs along with a dash of eurobeat. Having these tracks blaring out really enhances the satisfaction from running down countless niggers and kikes.

Despite being developed entirely by a single person version 0.20 of Black Lives Splatter offers an enjoyable experience albeit with not much more to achieve after a mere hour of two of gameplay, but that’s not exactly the point now is it? Mindlessly running over coons and kikes provides me with satisfaction I haven’t gotten in a video game in what feels like years. The game is very much enjoyable in its current state, however I do hope for additional features as the development slowly but surely continues.

Considering models of Ben Garrison and American patriot Kyle Rittenhouse are already featured in the game I’d love for the opportunity to change the player model to either. What I wouldn’t give to play as either Adolf Hitler strolling around in a Mercedes-Benz limousine.

In its current state I give Black Lives Splatter high marks by awarding it a score of six gorillion. Don’t expect to see this gem anywhere near kike’d platforms such as Steam as it will remain free to download over on the website, once development is more flourished donations can be sent via the cryptocurrency Monero here.

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