Bitmain Announce Antminer E9 Ethereum ASIC Miner – Staggering 3GH/s Putting GeForce Out of Commission
26 April 2021

Gaymers could possibly soon rejoice over the announcement of Bitmain’s Antminer E9 Ethereum ASIC miner.

Cryptocurrency mining has surged in popularity all thanks to wonderful Ethereum which as a result has been endlessly surging in value to the dismay of its creator, Vitalik Buterin who seemingly has a raging hard-on when it comes to the hatred of cryptocurrency miners yet will never admit that Ethereum is where it is today thanks to such miners.

Without miners Ethereum would be worthless, that’s not just my opinion that’s a fact.

Bitmain is a Chinese company who have been making ASIC miners suited for Bitcoin and Ethereum mining for almost ten years now, however as of late their Ethereum mining ASIC units were much to be desired until the company announced the all new Antminer E9 which is capable of producing an astounding hashrate of  3000MH/s.

Ethereum mining has quite literally shocked the entire world as it’s become extremely profitable to mine ETH on graphics cards, much similarly to the BTC mining craze of 2013.

Mining firms both big and small have been buying up quite literally anything to do with NVIDIA’s latest RTX 30 series graphics cards and or discarded AMD Radeon VII GPU’s as these are among the most profitable when it comes to mining Ethereum, the surge in demand for these mining cards combined with limited supplies of just about everything to do with GPU’s over the last eight months give or take has led to zero availability and insane price gouging.

NVIDIA themselves have decided to capitalize upon this mining craze by reproducing and repurposing garbage last generation hardware to package as CMP mining processors for insane markup prices allowing these mining firms to mine in peace whilst continuing to snatch all RTX stock.

However in the instance of large mining firms perhaps with the introduction of the Bitmain Antminer E9 they’d leave some availability of RTX 30 series graphics cards to less fortunate miners as the Antminer E9 with a proclaimed hashrate of 3GH/s is as effective as a staggering 32 GeForce RTC 3080 graphics cards which would make it the most powerful Ethereum ASIC miner on the market beating out Linzhi’s Phoenix ETH Miner which is only capable of 2.6GH/s which is generally sold for around $13,700 USD which would mean that Bitmain would be ensuring a somewhat competitive pricing of $15,000 or perhaps more.

In retrospect you could probably buy gouged trash RTX 3080’s for anywhere over $40,000 USD to achieve similar figures, although the power consumption of all those GeForce GPUs would certainly out shadow the Antminer E9 which is extremely efficient (by comparison) at only 2556W.

Other alternatives that get absolutely raped by the Bitmain Antminer E9 are buying a total of 25 GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards which would set the costs even further out of orbit somewhere to the tone of $60,000.

And forget about NVIDIA’s cancerous CMP HX scam because you’re going to need the grand total of 115 individual CMP 30HX mining processors to produce the same effective hash rate for an estimated price of over $80,000 dollars given that the retail pricing of $700 per card is genuine which is more than likely.

Bitmain’s Antminer E9 will certainly disrupt large scale Ethereum mining “businesses” as in every shape or form the Antminer E9 is vastly superior and more affordable than assembling an array of GeForce RTX graphics cards and laptops.

At least until that Russian faggot decides it’s finally time to shaft Ethereum miners by introducing the long-awaited Proof-of-Stake update to Ethereum.

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