Bayonetta Voice Actress, Hellena Taylor Lies Over “Demeaning Payment” – Incites Cancel Culture on Platinum Games
20 October 2022
Bayonetta 3 Cancel Culture Hellena Taylor Platinum Games

Believe all women no matter what.

Bayonetta 3 has recently been in the news, at first I didn’t know why simply because the game itself is a toned down abomination of its predecessor which itself and its short-haired protagonist was quite a turnoff for the popular Nintendo hack and slash franchise.

Lore wise there was no sense in de-feminizing Bayonetta with short hair in the second installment, considering how her powers are genuinely tied to her hair, but still let’s give her a dyke cut anyway just to prove that Bayonetta is a strong independent woman who don’t need no man.

While the latest and unfortunately gayest installment of the Bayonetta series might be considered a write-off, that sure hasn’t stopped liberals and white knight faggots from screeching over it.

But why were they crying? Were they demanding even more atonement and censorship of female sexuality from Bayonetta 3? No, instead they were bitchy simply because the original voice actress of Bayonetta proclaimed that she was massively underpaid to reprise her role for a third time.

Hellena Taylor, the original VA of Bayonetta proclaimed that the evil white male devils of PlatinumGames offered her just $4,000 USD to reprise her role.

So the bitch took to twitter to squawk at folks to boycott the game instead, her tweets went viral, amassing nearly 240,000 likes leading to several news outlets and simps across the globe to feel sympathetic for Hellena because as we know, women do not ever lie.

Except that she did.

At least according to the filthy kike known only as Jason Schreier plugging his (((Bloomberg))) article.

The filthy Jew, obviously upset that the industry are paying attention to a women rather than the innocent and harmless chosenites went above and beyond to disprove Hellena’s bullshit, such as by obtaining the actual documentation of which she had been offered to reprise her role.

The truth is simple, Hellena Taylor was offered between $3,000 and $4,000 by Platinum Games…. per session, of which Hellena would’ve been expected to take at least individual sessions to record her lines which should total to $20,000 as a maximum, or a minimum of $15,000.

Maybe in Hellena’s own twisted world she was offered only $4,000 simply because after buying expensive clothes and jewelry all that would’ve been left of the 20K would be four thousand dollars.

When in actuality it had been Hellena who hit Platinum Games with a counter offer for an insane amount of money, with her demanding $100,000 to reprise her role PLUS royalties.

That is fucking INSANE, obviously the negotiations between Hellena and Platinum Games quickly fell apart from such a barbaric offer and then sought to replace Bayonetta’s voice actress, in response to the Bloomberg article Hellena proclaims Platnium Games to be “lying to save their ass”.

After finding a new VA to replace Hellena, Platinum Games obviously wished to do business considering they had offered Taylor $4,000 or just ONE HOURS worth of recording for her to appear in Bayonetta 3 as a cameo, she declined this offer and this is where she gets her $4,000 figure from to do the entire game.

What an entitled cunt.

Her lies have gone uncontested, the real truth being buried beneath her crocodile tears demanding sympathy because “all women are victims” and must be heard, more rather she’s just another delusional slag who didn’t get her way so she tried to orchestrate a lynch mob against Platinum Games and Bayonetta 3 merely a week before launch.

Thankfully given that she has been ousted as a lying sack of shit I highly doubt that Hellena will find herself new employment on any decent scale video game project going into the future given her tendency to lie regarding what a developer is offering to pay inciting cancel culture if she doesn’t have her way.

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