“Based” Muskstein Likes A Tweet
24 October 2022

Remember all that bullshit regarding the world’s biggest conman, Elon Musk clamoring the US Government for even more shekels after having virtue signaled over giving (((Ukraine))) “free” Starlink?

Me neither, because Elon Musk has once again pissed off a bunch of Liberals which of course to those with a kindergarten level of understanding makes Elon Musk allegedly based.

What has the world’s most cynical entrepreneur done this time? Aside from of course stirring up trouble by floundering his acquisition of Twitter for another consecutive month, oh no, Elon Musk has upset liberal faggots and has received praise for being “based” because of a tweet he happened to like.

I wish I was joking.

Cyberpunk 2077, quite possibly the least based video game you could possibly think of, the game itself being a dull so called “RPG” game filled to the absolute brim with woke inclusive faggotry, besides being a receptive failure for the CD Projekt Red team it has been a commercial success.

Just not for corporate executives and CDPR investors, but all up Cyberpunk 2077 has sold millions of copies since it launched, which of course gave CD Projekt Red the incentive to expand the franchise outwards, milking it for all it’s worth with the Netflix original series known as Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

If your game sucks ass, was developed by woke diversity hires and was a critical failure, none of that generally matters if you instead repackage your franchise marketing it as an “anime” of which Edgerunners was in fact shat out by the overrated Studio Trigger.

The game itself may have been a failure but let me tell you something, the Edgerunners “anime” series is about as far opposite of the word “failure” as you can possibly get, with it having an average score of 8.71 from over 210,000 users on MAL it’s safe to say it was amongst if not the most popular “anime” series released this year.

The anime of course appealed to modern day consumer faggots, as anime as a whole has gone down in terms of quality adaptations steadily for years, when faggotized garbage such as Lycoris Recoil manages to be the most popular series of the season there’s no real hope left anymore.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners however not only garnered a positive reception from weebs but also the degenerates who claim to have enjoyed the game of which the series is based upon, especially the Netflix crowd.

Which is bizarre especially considering how the women in Cyberpunk Edgerunners are particularly sexualized / attractive, including the character of Rebecca who is a “loli”.

Nevertheless, the anime series has revitalized the Cyberpunk franchise sparking millions more in games sales and attention towards CD Projekt who look to expand upon it even further with continued installments.

The anime is ridiculously popular, sparking fanart of its female characters of which Elon Musk has been caught in the crossfire of.

Attenuative faggots stalking Elon’s Twitter page, particularly the liked tweets of his account were met with a massive discovery, Elon had liked a tweet featuring disgusting hyper-realistic anime fanart of Rebecca from Cyberpunk Edgerunners, who of course happens to be a loli.

The artwork itself was produced by Sakimichan, a western artist who has made a reputation for bastardizing anime with humanoid-esk artwork, while Elon Musk obviously has a bad taste in art something of this nature obviously won’t go over well with liberal white knights who detest “anime” be it actually Japanese or faggotized western propaganda.

The fact that Elon liked this particular image has sent Twitter users into an all out war, with the usual suspects of child predators who demonize anime vilifying Elon as some kind of “nazi pedophile”, while weebs themselves are taking the opportunity to praise their “white savior” as being a based man of culture.

There’s nothing really to praise the man about, the World Economic Forum shill happens to have extremely Jewish tastes in “anime” properties, who knew, with the likes of Netflix and Sony normalizing “anime” to western consumers Cyberpunk Edgerunners has helped cement the fact that modern anime is nothing more than just an art style used to promote and push disgusting woke franchises for profit.

But generally speaking anything that pisses off nonsensical tranny leftist for what ever reason is welcomed with open arms, just don’t go feeling sympathetic over the world’s richest conman simply because he happens to like woke western art imitating Japanese anime.

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