ASUS Wishes to Capitalize Upon Crypto Mining Profits – ASUS CMP 30HX Spotted With RGB Lighting For Maximum Shekels
19 April 2021

ASUS, makers of overpriced expensive bullshit marketed in ways as such to entice their Republic of Goyim into believing they’ve just purchased an enthusiast tier product now wish to expand their shekel hungry empire onto NVIDIA’s horrendous yet profitable CMP HX cryptocurrency mining processors.

NVIDIA announced their plans to fuck over existing GeForce goyims and cryptocurrency mining firms with the induction of a Ethereum hash rate limiter on the then upcoming RTX 3060 (which went about as well as you’d expect) but not limited to NVIDIA “accidentally” releasing an insider build driver update that bypasses their own restriction.

And of course it then became known that pretty much everything besides the CMP 90HX were actually rebranded hardware of previous generation GeForce products which by comparison with the current RTX 30 series components or first generation RDNA 1 graphics cards are complete and utter shit. With the CMP 30HX being a rebrand of the GTX 1660 Super which was a pathetic GPU for gaming upon its release, let alone offering a measly 26 MH/s.

That’s not even the end of it also as we’ve already seen two examples of CMP 30HX hardware from such brands as Manli, Gigabyte and Palit with some already being listed for purchase across multiple different countries for over $720 USD when converted.

But now it would appear that after having finished hiking their prices up on their latest generation motherboards and graphics cards, ASSUS themselves have begun ordering those dastardly CMP 30HX mining processors from NVIDIA to repackage and resell for the top dollar.

NVIDIA mind you have already struck a $30 Million deal with Hut 8 Mining Corp to provide the mining firm with unknown CMP HX mining processors beginning from May, with the company having put a massive emphasis on the potential profit growth outlook NVIDIA expects from cryptocurrency mining for their FY22 Q1 outlook.

Let’s just forget about NVIDIA literally selling $175M worth of RTX 30 series graphics cards directly to miners.

So, moving onto the actual story here being the ASSUS CMP 30HX mining processor as pictured by Videocardz showcases the recycled cooler from their GTX 1660 Super Dual Evo graphics card, combined with the lack of any display outputs goes to show just how cheap these piles of shit actually are to produce.

At least ASUS couldn’t be bothered to remove the added RGB flair of the 1660 Super Dual Evo so that way any retarded miners who’re looking to waste 300 plus days before they gather back their investment can do so with some pretty shitty lighting effects.

Having been advertised with base and boost frequencies of who the hell cares, this steaming pile of shit isn’t obviously advertised as having a TU116 core under the shroud, though you’re still stuck with a woeful $700+ turd 1660 Super that has virtually zero warranty and no display outputs meaning if you’ve been scammed into buying this POS you’re not going to fare much better in terms of resale value.

All the “love” has been shared onto cryptocurrency miners as of late but I’m afraid this sort of love isn’t what anybody wants or needs.

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