[Archive] Nintendo Lawsuit Results In U.K. ISP Blocks On Four Emulation Websites
25 July 2021
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Four websites have been blocked by U.K.-based internet service providers at the request of Nintendo, following a lawsuit that the company won, which deemed Switch “circumvention” devices unlawful.

Go Nintendo picked up the news after Nintendo delivered a statement to Eurogamer, where they explained…

“Today, the UK High Court found the sale and distribution of ‘circumvention’ devices for the Nintendo Switch unlawful.Nintendo is pleased that the UK High Court has confirmed that dealing in devices or software that enable piracy on Nintendo Switch systems is unlawful. This decision will help protect the UK games industry and the more than 1800 developers worldwide that create games for the Nintendo Switch platform, and who rely on legitimate sales of games for their livelihood and to keep bringing quality content to gamers.”

As noted in the Eurogamer piece, Sky, BT, EE, Talktalk and Virgin Media have instituted blocks or utilized impediments to access four unnamed websites that distributed Nintendo Switch games and offered circumvention methods to hack the Switch.

As many pointed out in the comments, it’s possible to bypass this injunction with a VPN or a TOR browser, but it would still require some know-how on the end-user’s part to get around this restriction.

The Switch was hacked back in early 2018, just a year after its release. Since then there have been ISO dumps, homebrew apps, emulators, and various tools made available for the hacked version of Nintendo’s little hybrid console.

As a way to fight back against the modding and hacking community, Nintendo took the case to the courts in the U.K. Unfortunately for the homebrew and console modding community, Nintendo won the suit.

Nintendo also sued the husband and wife duo who operated LoveROMs, with the suit being settled for $12 million.

When it comes to ROMs, emulation, hardware hacks and modding, Nintendo is still as litigious as ever.

(Thanks for the news tip Inquisitor Dust of Ordo Xenes)

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