American Krogan Working On De-Niggerfication Mod For Fallout 4
24 August 2022
American Krogan Fallout 4 Game Mod Niggers White Washing

American Krogan is one of the only few content creators I’d actually advocate to watch, majority of his videos for several years now have merely been in-depth dissection of modern video games, their game design and story which predominantly features an anti-white agenda.

However it seems Krogan is taking things a leap further by announcing that he is planning to white wash all niggers that are featured in Fallout 4.

Krogan has already found the perfect (white) guy for the job of playing the soon to be improved Preston Garvey, alongside altering voice lines for the character of Tinker Tom to more accurately portray them as being autistic.

I do question as to why anyone would bother with such a mod, considering how modern RPGs such as Bethesda’s Fallout games along with the Elder Scrolls series are actually quite bad role-playing games, with Fallout 4 possibly being the worst of the franchise entirely, with New Vegas which wasn’t even made by Bethesda being the best.

But of course the reasoning is quite apparently, especially considering the controversy that surrounded the fag flag replacement mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man. (BONUS: NATSOC MEGA FLAG PACK)

To replace all black characters in Fallout 4 would undoubtedly PISS off niggers and liberal faggots alike across the entire span of the internet, and that of course is a good thing.

Because undoubtedly, the announcement from Krogan about this particular mod has been met with criticism from liberal faggots across the salty seas of Reddit and Twitter.

With the original tweet receiving hundreds of quote tweets from disgruntled faggots that are about as expected, considering how the fanbase of Fallout mostly comprise of niggers and faggots anyway it’s quite possibly the best target for such a radical modification.

Meanwhile, the hugbox of Reddit are less than thrilled with subreddits such as MassEffect purging any and all mention of American Krogan and his “evil racist mod”.

It’s a fairly big job to eradicate niggers from a modern Fallout game, but that surely isn’t going to stop American Krogan for doing what’s right, the exact same thing game developers have been doing to white characters for countless years.

Before the mod even has released, Krogan’s tweets and sentiment have traveled far and wide, offending thousands of faggots across Twitter and Reddit respectively, let alone the Fallout community.

I for one cannot wait to view American Krogan’s mod in action.

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