AMD Ryzen 6000 Series CPUs Include TPM “Microsoft Pluton” Backdoor Israeli Spyware
6 January 2022
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Firstly, a special thank you to “latexbeatsnud1ty” for piecing this information all together on my behalf.

“You are being watched. The government has a secret system, a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.”

When previously covering AMD’s rather uneventful CES 2022 presentation there was one major topic that I’ve neglected to discuss, seemingly because I glossed over it as irrelevant fodder but upon further investigation it deserves its own mention for being highly intrusive cancer, to the point where you may want to forgo upgrading to “Zen 4” Ryzen 7000 series CPUs over the coming year.

For now thankfully we’re just having to go back to discuss AMD’s Ryzen 6000 series of mobile APU’s, otherwise known as “Rembrandt”.

Now we’ve already glossed over performance and SKU characteristics of the Ryzen 6000 series however the detail that I’ve unfortunately missed is passed off by AMD as heightened processor security.

For year now we’ve had to come to terms and accept that our CPU’s come with “security” processors embedded within such as Intel’s Management Engine (ME) or the Mossad Engine as I like to call it.

AMD Ryzen processors for the most part have what AMD calls a “PSP” or a Platform Security Processor on die, these “security” processors are marketed to us as keeping our PC’s safe and secure but more rather they are Israeli designed backdoor processors that merely act as blackboxes when it comes to our data.

Separate processors onboard with their own little OS taking hierarchy over the actual CPU.

AMD’s PSP or Intel’s ME don’t actually store credentials directly nor are they encrypting them. That’s where Microsoft’s fascination with Apple’s intrusive Secure Enclave comes into play. Under the guise of security and protection, wouldn’t it be all the more Grabblerish if our “security” processors were to collect and store data like Filthy Chews do shekels? I want my Israeli spyware processor to be connected to the cloud at all times.

AMD Ryzen 6000 Series Mobile Processors are the first bunch to incorporate just that, Microsoft’s Pluton “Security” processor, advertised as bringing XBOX like security to the PC. And it truly brings a tear to my eye just how far AMD have fallen into Yiddler territory since dominating the performance charts and processor market from Intel.

Microsoft’s Pluton Processor in essence is a dramatic shift from typical Trusted Platform Modules or TPM “security” measures that enhance the backdoor capabilities immensely.

AMD CEO, Lisa Su had this to say regarding Microsoft Pluton during AMD’s CES 2022 presentation:

“Ryzen 6000 series will be the first PC processors that integrate the Microsoft Pluton security processor.

Our co-development work with Microsoft eliminates entire attack vectors on notebooks, better protecting critical data like system credentials, user identities, encryption keys, and personal information.”

Microsoft had announced quite a few months back during the closing months of 2021 that it had secured partnerships in integrating its Pluton security processor in not only AMD processors but expanding further onto Intel and Qualcomm processors as well.

“First introduced with the XBOX One and Azure Sphere, Pluton emulates a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to protect the boot process, encryption keys, and credentials directly on the CPU with the end goal of blocking threat actors from gaining access to such sensitive data.

The on-die security processor also has built-in checks for firmware integrity to prevent malware from making malicious modifications. If altered firmware is detected, the processor will securely patch it via Windows Update using up-to-date software directly from Microsoft.

When Pluton is configured as the TPM 2.0 for a Windows 11 system, Pluton helps protect Windows Hello credentials by keeping them further isolated from attackers.

Device encryption can use Pluton when it is configured as the TPM to securely protect encryption keys from physical attacks and help keep data safe from prying eyes.

Microsoft’s Pluton security processor is not only its own entity embedded within the Ryzen 6000 series of CPU’s and subsequent releases from AMD, Intel and Qualcomm but it also connects and updates from Windows Update Servers as well.

The actual technology showcased during CES 2022 has been rather lackluster and not very exciting, probably because the only tech revolution we’re actually getting this coming year happens to be spyware rather than actual hardware.

The rise in “security processors” like all other cancerous things begins with the Apple corporation, starting the revolution in backdoor spyware passed off with security PR bullshit with the Secure Enclave processor running a separate “SEP OS” which stores not just user data but fingerprint and facial ID math data as well.

SEP OS was actually hacked before, Apple later patched it with newer hardware and now Microsoft want to bring their own rendition of invasive technologies to PC’s worldwide. Next-level TPM connected to Microsoft’s own update servers.

Low IQ apes (niggers) absolutely fawn over Apple and their “impenetrable security”, the Security Enclave was hacked in 2017 I hear you shout, well how about Israeli technology used to crack iPhones?

BGA consoomer faggots and niggers love their iPhones, yearly mobile device upgrades are the future in providing safer and secure measures to “protect” your data, and of course all your nude photographs, because celebgate wasn’t a thing.

All the PR buzzword bullfuckery marketing Israeli backdoor technology to the goyim as a means of security while the Filthy Chews themselves are able to gain full access on the black market.

Apple, one of the largest Yiddler corporations in the world is also being repeatedly fucked by other Grabblerish organizations with the (((Pegasus Spyware))) exploits by the NSO Group, just who are the NSO Group exactly?

Oh dear, I guess the future of modern processors is going to be even more vulnerable than a modern Intel Core CPU because exactly like Apple, Microsoft seem hellbent on changing the entire PC ecosystem what with their garbage UMP Gamepass philosophy and now incorporating invasive backdoor security loopholes in everything from ARM to x86, on the DIY markets to BGA mobile trash.

Always online technology, always connected, end-to-end tracking. This is the future of consumer computing whether you like it or not.

Now ARM processors are a massive waste of sand, considering they’re only remotely competitive to x86 in few instances because ARM processors depend upon hardware acceleration for just about everything, a massive waste of die space. Qualcomm on the other hand also have RF silicon in its ARM CPUs, now that’s thinking outside the box.

As the world around us starts to turn into a cheesy dystopian movie, companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Google are merely laying the foundation of seamless civilian surveillance and there’s not much us consumers can really do about it. For now and the coming years all upcoming CPU’s such as the Ryzen 6000 Mobile series and subsequent Ryzen 7000 desktop series of processors followed by Intel’s Raptor Lake processors will all come with Microsoft’s Pluton processor for sure.

For today and tomorrow the backdoor is just sitting there waiting, collecting data as the world around us becomes even more faggotized and dictated with social crediting systems, facial tracking and surveillance slowly but surely will be expanded across the globe to weed out wrong think and rightful anti-Grabblerish sentiment.

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