Amazon Published Lost Ark MMO BLACKED and Censored in Western Countries
2 December 2021

Amazon has released yet another MMO? Yes but no, not exactly. Contrary to Amazon’s “New World” which is a in-house designed MMO title developed in conjunction with Amazon Game Studios, Lost Ark is merely another one of your generic Korean MMO games developed by Smilegate and PUBLISHED by Amazon for western localization.

I think it’s better from Amazog’s perspective rather than actually developing shitty games they instead get their grubby kike hands on Korean MMO’s of which there are probably a thousand released every single year and strike up a publishing deal to localize such MMO games for western audiences….. and of course brutally rape them with woke diversity bullshit.

It’s more cost effective to publish than to develop when pushing an agenda.

If you’re not exactly aware of Korean MMO titles they’re all really the same, grindy bullshit with lots of beautiful female characters in skimpy outfits to customize to your desire. Amazon however wouldn’t stand for such blatant “demoralizing misogynism” that depicts women in Korean MMO’s as being nothing more than fan service.

So it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone for the western regions such as North America and Europe, the characters of Lost Ark have had their outfits altered to be much less revealing and of course to fulfil their gay woke fantasies there’s plethora of character presets for niggers if not just outright changing the skin pigment of NPCs from white to black.

Michael Jackson would be proud.

Various NPCs have had their skin colors altered to appear darker if not outright race swapped, the effort is just so fucking lousy it may as well be considered black face.

A JewTube video from “Divium Furor” goes into much further detail regarding the censorship of Lost Ark for western regions in comparison to the Asian / Russian release.

The depiction of women as being sex objects in Korean MMO’s for literally decades is discerning to the faggots at Amazon clearly with fan service being dubbed extremely problematic in recent times with developers injecting the depiction of “realistic” women into their games in the sense that real life women are nothing more than ugly butch dykes or fat ugly whores…. it’s sorta true I guess.

The differences in character preset options between the Russian and Western release of Lost Ark is truly something to behold.

Can you SPOT the difference?

Their desire to tarnish everything with these woke ideals knows no bounds as they’ll lazily change the pigment of characters in Lost Ark from white to black…. Blasians are making a comeback.

Obviously bigotted individuals who are rather disgusted from this blatant woke interjection in Lost Ark between regions took to the Steam Discussion forum which may as well be considered Reddit / ResertERA at this point for the sheer amount of faggotry and autism that lay beneath.

Individuals like Vasoka took to the Steam forums to voice their disgusting straight male propaganda because apparently Amazon deems it necessary to pander a Korean MMO, notorious for their fan service towards niggers, faggots and trannies who don’t actually play video games…. barring niggers and their love of basketball on consoles. Borderline mental retardation only gets you so far it would seem.

Thank god the friendly autistic moderators decided to ban Vasoka for this blatantly misogynist post.

New World was a fucking sham, Lost Ark however is a disgusting fuck fest of wokeness and niggerdry. But that’s to be expected after all… this is the CURRENT YEAR and quite frankly I’d have several questions if a massive online game released in the west DIDN’T have this sort of bullshit.

Though considering Amazon are at the helm of publishing this train wreck it’s on them entirely dissecting Lost Ark and injecting their subversive bullshit in the hopes that faggots who don’t play games might just play this one.

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