After Consistent Flops, Square Enix Rushes to Sell Various Studios & IPs to (((Embracer Group))) for $300M
5 May 2022
Embracer Group gaming GET WOKE go broke Square Enix

Get woke, go broke.

Square Enix is quite desperate to wash their hands clean of its western development studios along with a plethora of big name IPs following a string of financial hardship amassed from critical reception and generally poor sales from the faggotized and bastardized goods produced and published under the Square Enix fold.

Square Enix have announced that it had sold numerous western studios such as Crystal Dynamics, accountable for the faggotized Marvel’s Avengers video game which flopped spectacularly.

EIDOS, the lovely developers behind faggotized Shadow of the Tomb Raider along with yet another Marvel video game, Guardians of the Galaxy. How the mighty have fallen from Deus Ex Human Revolution and the 2014 THIEF reboot.

These two studios along with Square Enix Montreal, irrelevant mobile developers, are to be sold to the Embracer Group for the meager sum of just $300 Million, Square just isn’t pawning off its failing western branches as it will also be giving (((Embracer))) rights to several bastardized franchises such as Tomb Raider, Thief, Legacy of Kain, GEX and Deus Ex.

Square Enix have specified their reasoning behind this rather abrupt sale is so they can focus more so on new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud services and of course Cryptocurrency / Blockchain technology. Rubbish, all entirely fucking rubbish.

The reasoning behind the sale is quite obvious, given that Square Enix have been floundering for years now, with almost every product published being commercial failures, at some point something had to change given that the entire company is merely kept afloat thanks to censored “HD” Pixel Remasters, NieR Replicant and their main cash cow, Final Fantasy.

Outriders, Life is Strange, Marvel, Just Cause 4, Legend of Mana, Trials of Mana, these are just some of the failures that have led to this very moment. And for a measly $300 Million dollars it just begs to question, why so little for these IPs and studios. Probably because of how tarnished and tainted they’ve become from Square’s western studios going woke, they and their properties hold little to no value in today’s market.

A comment from Embracer Group Co-founder and CEO Lars Wingefors:

”We are thrilled to welcome these studios into the Embracer Group. We recognize the fantastic IP, world class creative talent, and track record of excellence that have been demonstrated time and again over the past decades. It has been a great pleasure meeting the leadership teams and discussing future plans for how they can realize their ambitions and become a great part of Embracer.”

Embracer gets off with a large pile of garbage to increase its vast ever-growing collection of studios under its possession.

Dead franchises and dying studios, Square Enix on the other hand “fortunately” will retain the rights to other intellectual properties such as Life is Strange and Outriders which I remind you also flopped spectacularly, instead of fleshing out half-baked woke games why not just release DLC instead?

Because this is where the gaming industry is headed, while video gaming may be its most popular ever before it also hasn’t been more dead.

We’ve reached a point where just about everything, even from the most renowned Japanese developers ends up being faggotized or butchered in one shape or form, where the industry is going is both unification and monopolization, where you have these mega corporations buying up other major publishers / studios creating a mega fold of Grabblerish propaganda.

Take-Two Interactive, Microsoft, Tencent and the Embracer Group, these four major corporations will be the pivoting point for the industry in terms of which companies they themselves swallow whole. Honestly I’m more shocked at this point that nobody has even given Bandai Namco, Capcom or even Konami a glance to buy them outright.

Konami have now become the worlds best game developer simply because they haven’t actually released anything in years, they now spend their days collecting shekels from pachinko machines.

In typical fashion, the gaymers of Reddit consider these purchase by (((Embracer))) to be relatively positive, because of course the increased wokeness of Square Enix running their own IP’s and studios into the ground would certainly fare much better into the hands of the (((conglomerate entity))) responsible for the Saints Row Reboot.

In general nothing will change much for the studios and intellectual property soon to be in possession of Embracer, either way such franchises as Deus Ex and Tomb Raider have long since been killed off entirely be it disinterest, lack of sales sparked from increased wokeness.

The quote-on-quote “ethics department” will not differ from that of Square Enix to the Embracer Group that’s for sure. Square Enix seemingly have dug their own grave as they strived for globalization pandering with its video games, needless to say that faggot pandering doesn’t actually pay the bills leading to the company rushing to sell hemorrhaging studios as quickly as possible.

Nothing of value was lost.

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