Activision Plagiarizes Projekt Melody with Call of Duty Warzone “Bitrate Banger” Anime Bundle
14 August 2022
Activision Blizzard Call of Duty: Warzone Infinity Ward Projekt Melody V Tuber Vshojo

Activision Blizzard have gotten themselves into hot water yet again, for the second time in little over a week with yet more plagiarized cosmetic items featured in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Last week Activision was put on blast for allegedly stealing design elements of some furfaggot’s creation Samoyed creation which was featured in the Floof Fury Tracer Pack.

It didn’t take long for action to be taken, with the Samoyed skin removed following the allegations of plagiarism just a few short days ago.

However, despite all of this, Activision Blizzard, Infinity Ward, or simply whoever it is at the helm of Call of Duty: Warzone simply couldn’t help but to one up this hilarious feat literally days following by not just stealing artwork from a furry, but instead copying the likeness of VShojo’s Projekt Melody for their latest drip-fed microtransactional pack.

COD Warzone’s “Bitrate Banger” pack features several design queues from Projekt Melodies design aesthetic with the anime inspired bundle including several weapon blueprints, all of which are essentially the same however the plagiarism gets all the more apparent when specifically looking into the H4 Blixen “Lovedrunk Melody” weapon blueprint.

Aside from the weapon blueprint’s name itself curtaining to Projekt Melody, most likely due to the fact that the weapon itself can actually play musical tunes in-game or rather a melody of synth.

But Activision isn’t fooling anybody in regards to the actual design of the weapon itself featuring an anime girl VERY reminiscent of Projekt Melody’s design and general color scheme.

Call of Duty in this day and age is a game played typically by degenerate zoomers or those with higher counts of melatonin than braincells, it’s not only sad to see the series devolve into this whole façade of battle royal bullshit but Call of Duty has hit astromical new lows to the point where Activision are pushing furry and anime bullshit into the game, because the player base is exactly the sort of good goy consumers who’ll eat this stuff up.

But it’s also even more hysterical to see Activision getting roasted simply due to the fact even when it comes to in-game content such as the Bitrate Banger and Floof Fury content pack.

Activision simply couldn’t be fucked to even come up with their own original designs without resorting to petty theft, be they of furry artwork or even going as far as to steal off Projekt Melody, infamously known for triggering 3D camwhores worldwide with her revolutionary approach to streaming on Chaturbate but has since grown more in popularity with v-tubing.

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