Activision Blizzard Showcases Overwatch 2 Gameplay by Revealing a Dyke Niggeress
17 April 2022
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Just in case you didn’t think Overwatch was gay enough, hard to imagine that considering every single character is basically either homosexual or a lesbionic-man.

The original Overwatch came into the spotlight for all of ten minutes before simply fading into the abyss like many other e-sports titles that have came and went over the last couple of years, the only reason why Overwatch remains relevant today is simply because of the endless amount of pornographic content made of its characters.

A planned sequel has been known for a long time already, considering that Activision Blizzard have basically milked all they possibly could from the original and the spectacular failure that was the Overwatch League, rather than continue to update the game they’d rather kill it off entirely and essentially re-release the game with majority of the original cast of “heroes” still playable with minor altercations and balancing in hopes that gullible retards will buy the same game twice.

But at least this time around apparently Overwatch 2 will come with a proper campaign mode, not that anyone actually gives a shit.

The Overwatch 2 closed “beta” is set to start from April 26th it only seems fitting that Activision Blizzard try and score some brownie points with more woke garbage by introducing one of what few new characters will be joining the cast of the lazy sequel.

And to a surprise to nobody, the first new character unveiled is in fact a disgusting augmented robo-nigger woman who you can count on being a lesbian.

And along with the reveal of yet another niggeress came a small snippet of gameplay of Overwatch 2 which looks exactly the same as the previous game that released six years ago.

Activision Blizzard as we know are creatively bankrupt, but what’s even more soulless than a mere update packaged as a full fledged game release is the community Q&A held in conjunction with the gameplay reveal of Overwatch 2 on Twitch.

The Twitch stream consisted of a panel of niggers, three of them in fact along with the lead hero designer for Overwatch 2, Geoff Goodman.

Not even a minute rolls by from the reveal and instantaneously the “gameplay” stream goes right into talking about the characters “features” and by features I mean of course about how diverse she is.

In fact majority of the stream, over an hours worth of faggotry mainly boils down to how diverse the new character actually is, being apparently the first black woman to be feature in Overwatch, because of course other black characters don’t count because because they’re not actually African.

Whatever the case may be, the Overwatch team certainly haven’t ceased their endless globo-homo faggotry because I’m sure that nearly every single one of the new characters coming in the update-release of Overwatch 2 will undoubtedly be to fulfill diversity quotas set by Bobby Kotick.

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