Activision Blizzard Refuses to Refund “Auto-Purchase Bug” Non-Consensual In-Game Purchases
12 October 2022
Overwatch 2

if you play this woke communist trash you genuinely deserve to have your money stolen.

Overwatch 2 has released, and judging by the figures on (((Twitch))), the free-to-play game is immensely popular with faggots, thots and soyim of all kinds, which is a testament of how far the gaming industry has fallen and is unquestionably beyond salvaging.

Look at all these organic views on Twitch.

Graphically speaking, Overwatch 2 is a copy paste of the 2016 original, with general UI changes that are of lower quality, that’s just par for the course for a hero shooter that has gone f(r)ee to play.

Activision Blizzard has a longstanding relationship with the communist party of China, even though the one thing the Chinese cannot tolerate are niggers, Overwatch 2 is filled to the brim with ugly shitskins with the original cast being held behind a grind wall.

Aside from that, Activision are deploying invasive CCP tactics such as monitoring voice chat in-game along with requiring a genuine phone number tied to your account in order to play the game itself.

While the game from a financial standpoint might not be “dead on arrival” it’s without a doubt that Activision Blizzard is not just creatively but morally bankrupt as well.

Because one of the main features of Overwatch 2 which has been swept under the rug by the team at Blizzard as being a “bug”, was the fact that the game itself would recognize the in-game chat text as being menu navigational inputs.

Naturally, this of course led to players “accidentally” purchasing in-game microtransactional bullshit without their knowledge or consent.

Despite the gaming having only just released a week ago, I can guarantee that more than a handful of users have suffered with this “chat bug” bringing up in-game menus and transaction prompts resulting in users accidentally purchasing in-game credits and character skins.

Activision Blizzard of course being their natural kiked selves they’ve eventually fixed this esteemed issue, but will not in fact be handing out refunds to unsuspecting patrons as any and all in-game purchases utilizing Overwatch 2’s “Legacy Credits” are non-refundable.

Just a nice little loop hole to fuck over the goyim, typical stuff really.

Overwatch 2 being free to play was a major decision considering the initial popularity the original title had six years ago as it was released for the standardized AAA figure, but of course if something is free you are the product, Activision Blizzard are banking on the Free-2-Play aspect to bring in more players and therefore more potential customers to buy petty little cosmetics or in-game Jewbucks to skip the grind and buy their faggotry cosmetical items.

It’s a trend that works, as shown from the release of Halo Infinite…..’s multiplayer mode, well in advance of the actual campaign itself, the multiplayer mode being free to play allowed hundreds of thousands of players to flock to the game resulting in faggots buying $10 cat ear spartan cosmetics.

Although the player base of Halo Infinite today may have fallen into the couple thousand figure, it probably has netted more revenue than had the game launched bundled with its campaign mode later onwards for $60.

The nature of this being that these F2P games rapidly lose interest overtime, especially considering the invasive nature of Overwatch 2 in requiring a phone number for identification especially, in a couple of months the hype will eventually wear off.

Because the only ones who are playing this rubbish are simply sheep consumers or just happen to be influencers such as Shroud and Summit1G, whores such as Amouranth or even V-Tubers leading the herd all of which are fed by the grain of the Jew.

Thankfully more and more people are waking up to the deceptive bullshit lead by video game giants who genuinely hate our guts, forcing invasive probative bullshit such as a mobile requirement for nothing but woke trash fauna.

Soyim interest will falter, especially considering how majority of the player base probably wont ever have accumulated enough played matches to unlock their favorite faggot from the first game but with “bugs” such as above it’s obvious that Activision Blizzard are going above and beyond in terms of milking in-game microtransactions and simply refuse to refund purchases whether they were made with or without consent or general knowledge.

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