Activision Blizzard Introduces A “Diversity Tool” to Measure a Characters WOKENESS?
14 May 2022
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Will all this nonsensical faggotry pandering finally get people to stop talking about the sexual misdonduct going on at Activision Blizzard, I sure fucking hope not.

Activision Blizzard as we all know is probably the staple company when it comes to video games in terms of wokeness, with World of Warcraft being butchered for “Green Skin” sympathy, the infamous Call of Duty franchise had been turned to rubble as it’s more or less a focus on “niggerology” and forced diversity.

And of course who could forget Overwatch, where every single character is either non-binary, a homosexual or a lesbionic nu-male.

Activision as it seems is on a woke binge having just recently appointed a niggeress as chief diversity officer who’ll oversee diversity quotas in both employment and development.

Yes, you’ve read that title right. Activision Blizzard have unveiled a “revolutionary” toolkit used specifically to measure the wokeness or rather “diversity levels” of video game characters to help (((current year))) game developers win brownie points for globohomo inclusivity.

This particular announcement is most certainly a way for the company to save face after being caught trying to union bust Raven Software.

The “Diversity Space Tool” was designed by King, a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard and is primarially a mobile game developer, you may not recognize the company but perhaps some of the gaymes they’ve developed, such as Candy Crush.

Activision’s diabolical goal is to deploy this Diversity Space Tool across Activision Blizzard interally by the third quarter, and perhaps making the tool available to other companies in the industry as well. The Ultimate Goal.

King’s “Globalization Project Manager”, Jacqueline Chomatas had this to say on the matter:

“An important principle for us at King is that all players should feel welcome,”

“The intention is to inspire game teams not just at King, but throughout the Activision Blizzard King network, to think outside the box and challenge pre-conceived notions around how characters should look and act.

As a result, hopefully we will create more characters that break the mold, and better represent women, non-binaries and other under-represented minorities in the industry.

Just when you thought games couldn’t include more faggotry than they do now.

The faggots and diversity hires at King wish to see themselves “represented” in games, mocking that over 80% of the best selling games throughout the last five years of primarially featured white, male protagonists, according to a (((study))) by Diamond Lobby.

“The Ultimate Goal” being to not only to introduce more diverse characters in video games, but primarily the objective is to erradicate straight white men from video games.

King wish to see inclusivity being imbedded into the design process from the very start, this is what the Diversity Space Tool was designed to achieve, Jacqueline Chomatas herself saying that she believes in the tool’s potential to “change the entire gaming landscape”.

Alayna Cole, DE&I manager at Sledgehammer Games, says the tool was tested by developer teams working on Call of Duty: Vanguard, and it left a sizable impression. “We used [the Diversity Space Tool] to figure out what ‘more diversity’ looks like across all of our characters in both campaign multiplayer and Live seasons,”

“And now we’re going to use that data going forward into the next games that we’re working on.” The Overwatch 2 team at Blizzard has also had a chance to experiment with the tool, with equally enthusiastic first impressions.

I’m sure introducing a nigger as the first character combined with the removal of Tracer’s ass made for a very enthusiastic first impression of Overwatch 2.

Exactly how does Activision’s wokeness projector actually work? The tool itself measures various meterics of game characters such as facial features, gender, skin colour, and visually perceived gender because in the (((current year))) a strong independent female protagonist probably will be confused with a man by some.

The Diversity Space Tool gives points based on such attributes whether or not a character can earn enough good goy points for being a freak of nature, whether or not the bull dyke character design could use a bit more body fat, or perhaps dyed hair.

The goal being to achieve maximum scoring across meterics such as Ability, Body Type, Gender Idenity and Ethnicity. Femininity in video games is strictly frowned upon now, the only sort of sexuality deemed appropriate are gay / lesbian couplings.

Needless to say, Activision Blizzard are going out of its way in hopes that you ignore their history of sexual misconduct, that’ll you’ll overlook the stolen employee breast milk in favor of more woke game flops produced by everyone’s “favorite” video gayme publisher.

Gaming has never been more popular, and yet it hasn’t been more dead.

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