Activision Blizzard Goes Full CCP to Ensure That Overwatch 2 is DOA
30 September 2022
Activision Blizzard Overwatch 2

Overwatch is a gay franchise, I’m not being rhetorical or witty about that statement, it is genuinely faggotized top to bottom with the hero shooter not only being developed by Blizzard Entertainment but every single member of its diverse cast of characters is either gay or non-binary.

Activision Blizzard have been clutching at straws to regain favor with soylaced consumers following various allegations of sexual misconduct towards women, resulting in the character of McCree having his name changed entirely.

Since that fiasco, Activision Blizzard have been doing everything they possibly can to hide its misconduct and downright Jewish business practices, such as the destructive loot box mechanism found in Diablo Immortal, by pushing woke agendas along with niggers.

Blizzard have introduced / showcased various things, such as an anti-harassment social contract in World of Warcraft, hiring a nigger as their “chief of diversity, a radical diversity tool used to measure a video game characters scale of wokeness and much, much more.

Overwatch 2 isn’t technically a game, if anything on a technically front it’s more or less like a massive downloadable content pack for the first game, nevertheless, during its reveal of course Activision Blizzard took advantage of which to introduce one of the new characters that will join the fold, a niggerfaggot.

Aside from the obvious with that being Overwatch 2 is nothing more than literal gay trash, Activision Blizzard are taking their opportunity with their “new” game in pushing the boundaries of invasiveness not unlike their Chinese partners and proud members of the CCP, Netease.

Exactly what would be the entire point of re-releasing the exact same game albeit with some new faggots to play as if you’d have access to the original cast right off the bat? Well, there wouldn’t be any justification in that.

For new players to the franchise, purchasing Overwatch 2 will not grant them access to the original cast of lesbians and faggots, more rather they’d have to grind over 100 in-game matches to actually unlock the roster found in the original title.

Games as a Service (GaaS) is the new normal, with the previous cast of “heroes” being content locked behind the usual paywall of seasonal battle passes of which for the small sum of $10 you can bypass the grind and start playing as your preferred poofter of choice from the first game.

While of course, original players of Overwatch will receive a “Founders Pack” which MUST be redeemed in-game before the end of the second season of battle pass nontent, which contain absolute bullshit such as in-game character skins, trinkets or whatever, they don’t actually gain access to the old cast either.

Flood Overwatch 2 with ugly niggers that nobody likes and lock the original cast behind a paywall? Perfection.

From Blizzard’s part, it’s a genius move, because you just know anyone who actually plays such rubbish as Overwatch, who will gladly buy Overwatch 2, the exact same game roughly, they will enjoy grinding out matches, opening loot boxes or what have you to unlock the characters from the previous game. It’s an incentive for them to generate profits through microtransactions.

I mentioned above that Blizzard have followed through with invasive CCP-esk bullshit, what exactly do I mean by that? Well, Overwatch 2 will actually require a users phone number linked to your account in order to play. I am not kidding.

Blizzard of course say this is to build a positive experience for all players, creating a safer online community, by forcing gaymers into forking over their phone credentials in order to play vile racism can easily be targeted and your account banned for dare misgendering an in-game character.

Activision Blizzard also state that this measure has been taken to reduce the amount of smurf accounts crushing the fragile egos of the faggots who’d dare to play a competitive game, as it won’t officially register pre-paid or VOIP phone numbers, you’re genuinely forced to connect your phone number to your account in order to play.

But that’s not all, if the phone number fiasco wasn’t enough Chinese spyware for you, Overwatch 2 goes above and beyond by actually recording your microphone and all in-game voice chat, dubbed the defense matrix initiative.

It’s for your own safety goyim, taking away your rights of game ownership through digital distribution simply isn’t enough, we’re going full circle in the western world’s pursuit of communistical glory, by forcing players to present real world identification in order to play and then taking away their privacy in-game by recording voice chat?

What could possibly go wrong.

The Chinese really do love to grab its citizens by the throat, anyone who steps out of line or questions the narrative will be dealt with accordingly, a social crediting system ensures that citizens do not question surveillance or antics such as this, which is why Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play game rather than a paid release like its predecessor.

So much data collective nonsense and endless grind, all to play a shitty woke title featuring nothing but coons and troons, with such limitations and invasiveness, I cannot comprehend how in any scenario would Overwatch 2 be deemed a success.

You are far better of playing Gundam Evolution instead.

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