Activision Blizzard Appoints a Nigeress as Chief Diversity Officer as They Continue to Struggle With Sexual Harassment Allegations
13 April 2022
Activision Blizzard Chief Diversity Officer inclusivity Kristen Hines woke

Remember those sexual harassment and misconduct allegations made against Activision Blizzard last year?

Impossible to forget considering it lead to various high-ranking employees to make a swift exit from Activision Blizzard, so much so that the company itself went above and beyond to erase one “Jesse McCree”, by renaming notorious Overwatch character “McCree” to Cassidy.

The allegations however? Water under the bridge as far as (((Liberal Media))) is probably concerned now that Activision Blizzard once again attempt to save face, this time by appointing a black woman as their “Diversity Officer”.

Now what exactly is a “Diversity Officer”? I haven’t the slightest fucking clue, though I can imagine that such officials are more heinous than the dykes and faggots stationed at Human Resources as one lucky liberal not only collects a paycheck but also is entailed to screech for racial inclusivity in not just the company but future products of Activision Blizzard as a whole.

As if Blizzard products weren’t gay enough.

Say hello to Kristen Hines, and I just can’t help but say that this sheboon certainly is a looker. Activision Blizzard have given Kristen Hines the position of Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusions Officer.

As far as “wokeness” goes, Activision Blizzard is certainly one of those mega-kike corporations we already know that kneels before ZOG with faggotry and niggertized propaganda disguised as video games.

And quite honestly the appointment of a Diversity Officer isn’t all that surprising considering that soon to be vacant CEO, (((Bobby Kotick))) recently stated to qualm the grievous sexual misconduct allegations made towards Activision that he had plans to increase the amount of diversity hires at Activision Blizzard by 50%.

In a press release of Activision Blizzard’s latest appointment, it is stated that Kristen Hines has mainly focused on “large-scale enterprise and culture transformations”.

Which I’m sure sounds lovely for the braindead liberal, however for the basis of corporations effectively they’re to be transformed into faggot hugboxes plagued with low GPA employees with above average counts of melanin. Niggers to put it bluntly.

CEO Bobby Kotick had this to say on the matter:

“Activision Blizzard has ambitious goals to become the most welcoming and inclusive company in the gaming industry. We have already made significant progress ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, and we are excited to have Kristen join our leadership team to help drive even greater improvement”

“Kristen’s success leading complex transformation with measurable results makes her the right person to ensure we deliver on our diversity, equity and inclusion commitments and build a model workplace aligned with our values.”

There’s no greater asset to a mega corporation than to give HR workers more entitlement, with diversity always being touted as our greatest strength, when in short all it ever does is ensure the demise of not just a company but society as a whole.

Bobby Kotick mentioned how Kristen Hines will deliver on company diversity quotas, building a model workplace “aligned with our values”.

And what better values than simply tossing out applications of competent WHITE prospects in favor of women, faggots and niggers.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who wishes to bare witness Activision Blizzard go down in flames, considering the company itself hasn’t actually produced a solid product in well over a decade at this point. The only thing diversity and quotas on inclusivity in not just employment but the workplace entirely actually does is kill the company.

So this is yet another marvelous move made by Bobby Kotick, and I shall give Kristen Hines a very warm welcome to the Activision Blizzard family and may her tenure as their Chief Diversity Officer be as long as necessary as Activision Blizzard gradually falls to the ground.

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