A Sony “PlayStation PC” Launcher Is A Guaranteed Failure
21 August 2022
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With the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PC comes yet another Sony exclusive title that makes the shift onto the PC space, but the game itself has brought much enjoyment and controversy regarding the removal of in-game pride flags causing us to get rather radical with our homegrown NATSOC MEGA FLAG PACK.

However, Spider-Man on the PC has brought us something else entirely, with its PC release having been data-mined that highlights a potential plan by Sony on how future exclusive titles may in fact be released on the PC.

From the in-game files it has been hinted that Sony may in fact try their hand at producing their own little game launcher platform onto the PC for all of its handful of exclusive titles that managed a PC release.

Forget the Epic Game Store and its Chinese spyware, Sony may in fact be preparing a “PlayStation PC” launcher.

No doubt such a move is in response to direct competitor, Microsoft, who seemingly has cornered the market (excluding Steam) with their PC storefront but mostly due to the popularity of the XBOX Game Pass, monthly subscription cancer but it’s a service that actually has games to offer.

Compared to Microsoft, Sony has none of the financial and corporate backing required to actually make their own little PC storefront a success by any means.

Considering how the amount of first party PlayStation titles have dwindled with each and every generation of console if Sony were to magically port all of their major exclusives going as far back as the PS4 there’s hardly be any actual games to sedate consumers with games on offer being in the very low double digit range.

But of course if such a move was planned, Sony will no doubt use it as a means of invasiveness much like how the Microsoft Store will demand an XBOX account, a PlayStation PC launcher would undoubtedly require you to link up a PlayStation Network account for access and “convenience”.

I’m probably the furthest you can imagine from disgusting shills such as Dereck Strickland from TweakTown who sees the “good” of what a PlayStation store on the PC can provide, because there’s absolutely zero upsides from a commercial or consumer perspective as to why yet another PC storefront is warranted.

(((Valve’s))) Steam store dominates the PC market for consumerism, with Microsoft taking large chunks of consumer attention with its Storefront platform and cross-platform purchase availability, though of course they’ve relented and since started pushing Microsoft exclusive titles onto the Steam store as well much like Sony has as well.

Because otherwise, nobody really gives a shit with the likes of Activision Blizzard, Estrogenic Arts and Ubisoft pushing their own invasive client storefront launchers on the PC eventually leading to games eventually being re-listed back on Steam because of declining PC sales.

Will Sony also be using their non-existent list of publisher / developer contacts that aren’t producing first party content to also list their games for sale on the PlayStation PC storefront?

Does anyone look forward to the idea of Sony pushing fourth the concept of a live service subscription of (former) PlayStation exclusives titles on the PC, or even just a purpose made storefront for all ten of their games?

Rest assured that the PlayStation PC storefront will be yet another storefront where Destiny 2 can be downloaded for free, whereas I among many others have chosen to simply download PlayStation titles for free.

Considering how PlayStation titles have been releasing on the PC left and right without any actual DRM holding them back, maybe that’s the goal here?

Who knows, what I do know however is that if true the PlayStation PC store is a guaranteed failure and because of that I sincerely hope that Sony does the world a favor by wasting as much money, time and effort into giving us yet another DRM PC platform to laugh at.

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