343 Industries Removes Gender Terminology from Halo Reach (MCC) – Genders Are Now “Heavy” and “Light” Armor
10 October 2021
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With bullshit like this they’re revolutionizing the Gaylo franchise.

Isn’t it truly amazing how over the years faggots infect and destroy beloved franchises across all forms of media, so much so that we as fans and consoomers eventually reach a breaking point where we actively despise said franchise and await its timely demise?

Yeah, I think so too. Such as what 343 Industries have done to the Halo franchise in Bungies absence and by that I mean cannibalize and completely ruin the entire Halo franchise following Halo Reach.

And there’s nothing more that these corporations love more than ruining franchises by pandering to a miniscule demographic with political and inclusivity pandering… or in other words they go woke.

And what better way to go even more woke by utilizing gender neutral terms on a decade old game because choosing between male and female is deeply offensive.

This is exactly what 343 Industries have in store for the Halo Master Chief Collection, specifically for Halo Reach as 343 Industries intends to wrap up its seasonal content in wake of their upcoming flop, Halo Infinite.

The eighth and final season of Halo MCC comes with the typical sort of bullshit these gay seasonal packages bring among other games, those being cosmetics and game patches… one of those patches however removes the gender selection of Halo Reach as it’ll be renamed to “Body Type” where mentally ill players can now choose between heavy and light armor for their multiplayer character, another thing is that voice lines will no longer be limited to an individual body type.

Currently these are the options of choice for changing your appearance for Halo Reach within the MCC, with spartan male and female selection options are set to be replaced entirely as the MCC Season 8 is set for launch on October 13th. With the option of changing ones appearance and voice to female in multiplayer, expect there to be a separate option for “heavy and light” armor voices irrespective of your body type for multiplayer soon.

I have no general qualms with Bungie who originally incorporated different armor types for male and female characters, though in a franchise such as Halo there’s literally no need to be more inclusive in terms of gender specific armor, it’s really just subversive nonsense taking root above anything else.

But it seems that 343 Industries thought that the selection needed to be a bit more ambiguous and so a result of that is the removal of its gender terminologies in favor of being gender neutral and inclusive with heavy and light armor choices with what’s also believed to be selectable voice options so now you can reflect your delusional beliefs against biology on the battlefield.

As a result of this change I’ve sought guidance from my local UNSC squadron leader in regards to armor replacement therapy as I feel as if I’ve been born with heavy armor but on the inside I’m actually a light armor individual.

Just goes to show how little stone gayme developers will leave unturned in search of new ways to incorporate diversity and faggotry bullshit into their products. However I believe there has been a big misstep from 343 Industries who refused to acknowledge the oppressed people who continue to use the Elite as their character as they continue to face scrutiny and racial remarks from Spartan nationalists in the servers of Halo Reach.

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