18+ (((PayPal))) Locks “LIP! Lewd Idol Project” Developer Toffer Team from Accessing Account – $35K+ (((Snatched)))
9 July 2021
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PayPal seems to take issue with lesbians, how mighty progressive of them.

Toffer Team is a western “eroge” hentai game developer who’ve previously developed games such as “Hikari! Clover Rescue”, “Himeko Maid” and more notably “LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 1” which is an adult game featuring “yuri” content or lesbian content if you’re a filthy gaijin like me.

However it would seem that the folks over at Toffer Team have seemingly struck a nerve with the evil Yiddler conglomerate PayPal who have locked the Toffer Team account leaving kickstarter funds for Lewd Idol Project in limbo.

According to Toffer Team, PayPal have locked their account on the basis of “sexual services”, this of course isn’t the first time that PayPal have otherwise deplatformed “controversial individuals” helping themselves into seizing any and all funds from such accounts.

“PayPal has locked our account and ALL the funds that we had raised with our Kickstarter campaign for the LIP! Lewd Idol Project series.

Apparently, this has been due to our content being related to, according to them, “sexual services”.

Honestly, I’m so tired of having almost all the mainstream platforms censoring, persecuting, and marginalizing creators just because we’re making artistic, adult, or anime-style content. We have already seem that in countless examples in the past few years.

Being left out of the platform is not the problem, the problem is they have locked all our funds we were using to work and they won’t allow us to withdraw or use any of it. They have literally tied our hands and deprived of whatever money we needed to fulfill our future releases. The funds we had thanks to the love and support of our fans and followers, who used their hard earned money to support us and our dream project.

It is truly sad that a company so huge treats its clients this way, leaving us without any chance of reply, depriving us of our funds without any prior notice and, from one day to the other, leaving us without the possibility of keep doing what we love and are so passionate about, which is the development of adult games.

Please share this story so no other lewd content creator is left unaware of the nefarious way this company operates. I’m really sad and disappointed… today is was us, but tomorrow it could be any other.

We won’t give up. Thanks for your support, I love you.


PayPal seemingly like to come off as being progressive like every other corporation that desires shekels, with the company most notably celebrating pride month with the LGBT community with a post from the PayPal newsroom.

Normally it’s companies such as Patreon and Kickstarter who eventually end up deplatforming individuals with projects such as adult art or particularly adult games, however this is the first instance that I know of that PayPal is the one deplatforming individuals because of the controversial appearances of fictional characters in a hentai game.

And on top of that they’ve outright locked Toffer Team out of their account, unable to access money that customers have willingly provided through the service of kickstarter on the basis of “sexual services” dictating what sort of content is welcomed and unwelcomed on PayPal.

“Sexual services” my ass, I’m totally sure that Toffer Team are offering brothel services on the side.

My guess is that PayPal have finally joined the fight against particular NSFW content that just so happens to resemble that of Japanese eroge in particular.

Well I guess the whole stigma about (((corporations))) after pride month continues to be true as I find it extremely ironic how PayPal go and lock Toffer Team’s account  because of the sexual nature of their recent release of Lewd Idol Project which features yuri/lesbian sexual content, but is it a service?

I’m sure the Filthy Chews over at PayPal would agree with that particular statement because it’s PayPal’s own service that locks and seizes the funds from your account.

Though I guess on top of services such as Patreon, anime-esk developers or artists are not only being harassed by them but can now potentially look forward into having their PayPal accounts locked in the near future as the war against hentai continues with progressive PayPal now clamping down on such “child exploitive” content or rather “services” because let’s be real for a minute here PayPal are among one of the only few forms of payment content creators really have for their “business”.

If we take a look at the Lewd Idol Project kickstarter page you can see that it has been quite successful with $35,116 pledged from 1,455 individual backers.

Over $35,000 raised for Lewd Idol Project and PayPal have subsequently stolen all of it.

Now judging by the campaign trailer it’s pretty damn obvious that we’re not dealing with “loli” content of any kind but I guess because all anime/hentai are fictional so I guess all characters are controversial regardless whether or not the game is chock-a-block full of yuri content.

Because it seems that PayPal just has a hardon for being fudge packerphobic bigots against lesbians in video games, because Lewd Idol Project is all about that “progressiveness” as the story for LIP reads as follows:

“Kiari is a young and cheerful girl with a dream… Becoming the best and most popular idol ever!

She recently moved to Akihabara in order to achieve this. But she’s been rejected by around fifteen different idol agencies so far.

Already short on money, with some increasing debt, and feeling defeated after another failed audition, she meets Ranko, a self-proclaimed “producer” that introduces the innocent idol wannabe to her most recent and ambitious project…. LIP! Lewd Idol Project.

Join Kairi, explore the amazing city of Akihabara, meet and recruit new girls ffor the project, and help her fulfill her dream in this new Lewd Adventure!”

LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 1 recently released on June 24th, which you can purchase on platforms such as Steam or preferably over at the Toffer Team itch.io page where customers can pitch in to support the developer with additional tip pledges when purchasing.

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