UPDATE – (18+) Nintendo Prohibits “Hot Tentacles Shooter” Shovelware From Launching on Nintendo Switch?
1 October 2022
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EDIT: Gamuzumi made a new statement on Twitter explaining that Nintendo has completely forbid them from releasing Hot Tentacles Shooter on the Nintendo Switch, why exactly?

Because the developers tried to be sleazy, the game itself is nothing but benign shovelware that features nude pixelated women, to release such a game without nudity would be completely pointless, so the fine folks behind Hot Tentacles Shooter decided to submit the full nude version of the game for submission, confirming that Nintendo are now taking a stance against erotic games containing nudity.

The way I see it, these subversive kike rats pushed Nintendo, releasing their shovelware filth on their system only to eventually get pushed back.

Nintendo’s rules are earnest, the game has to be appropriately rated, unrated tites that are fully uncensored, such as what had been submitted for review will be declined, Nintendo does not allow AO (Adult Only) titles on its platform, but here comes along a western shovelware distributor looking to gain the system selling their shitty AO wares.

Fuck Gamuzumi.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: What’s this? Nintendo have finally decided to take a stance against the onslaught of western eroge rubbish that has been releasing on the Nintendo Switch?

If I am being brutally honest, it’s about goddamn time, as the Nintendo Switch is quite possibly the world’s most popular gaming platform over the last decade, many developers and or publishers have been trying their earnest in having their barren asset flips release on the Nintendo E-Shop for the system.

Games such as Hentai Uni, Hentai vs Evil are or at least were available on the Nintendo Switch, western developed rubbish that’s a damn mockery of the art it imitates, as anime in this day and age has become so disfigured it has just become an art style rather than its own genre.

Nintendo Switch has actually become the home of everything lewd, not that there’s anything wrong with suggestive and sexual titles.

However if companies such as Nintendo show leniency towards mature titles on the Nintendo Switch then benign faggots will undoubtedly take advantage of their generosity ruining the fun for everyone else by releasing their western “anime”-esk pornographic titles on the system, effectively forcing Nintendo to either do jack shit or take action.

Gamuzumi is a publisher you’ve probably never heard of before, good, you’re not really missing anything much aside from the fact that they are the publishers behind the “Sakura” games of which Winged Cloud shit out on a nearly monthly basis.

Several Sakura games have actually been released on Nintendo Switch, because of course they have, the cookie cutter Sakura franchise is mostly western rubbish, very popular western rubbish, while various Japanese developed games are exiled from Steam entirely Winged Cloud are welcomed with open arms allowing the Sakura franchise to flourish amongst coomers with extremely low standards.

Aside from the Sakura franchise, Gamuzumi publishes other such rubbish as “Regular Luckiest Guy: Love & Blocks“, “Elves Fantasy Hentai Puzzle” and “Double Shot Gals“.

Honestly, fuck this publisher. Nothing but Kosher crap.

Anyways, Gamuzumi went to twitter to voice the issues they are having when it comes to releasing one of their latest titles, that being “Hot Tentacles Shooter” on the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Store.

Of which the game later eventually released on Steam just four days later.

Gamuzumi alleges that Nintendo have finally woken up to their own antics and have imposed some sort of restrictions against games such as Hot Tentacles Shooter from releasing on its soylaced system bought mostly by man childs (of all ages).

Such allegations are obviously bullshit, considering in such a timeframe other Gamuzumi shovelware titles such as Sakura MMO 2 and Beauty Bounce both launched on the system mere days ago.

Hot Tentacles Shooter isn’t particularly flashy or amazing, its your generic 2D arcade space shooter title, much like Galaga where the only caveat being as you progress you’ll eventually undress various pixelated babes completely nude.

Yep, that’s the entire game, well worthy of the $5 investment, low effort space shooting action to look at nude pinups of pixelated women.

And we’re supposed to at least pretend to be upset when games such as Hot Tentacles Shooter aren’t deemed viable to release on the Nintendo Switch?

We’re well aware just how extreme companies such as Valve, Microsoft and Sony are when it comes to games of this nature, with Valve’s Steam storefront being the only exception providing the games themselves are only of a shovelware cash grab nature, or at least promoting wholesome kosher kings such as gay shit, furfaggotry and or shota-con. It also helps if the games themselves aren’t Japanese.

Games such as Duel Princess were previously removed from the Nintendo E-Shop (and Steam), before eventually relaunching on the latter’s platform, it would certainly seem that Nintendo aren’t seemingly allowing every single hentai / eroge game from launching on its Switch system, which is both a good and a bad thing honestly depending on the sort of titles that get purged.

Hot Tentacles Shooter has nudity, whereas Dual Princess was just extremely raunchy and erotic, while simultaneously Nintendo allows other shovelware eroge garbage from the same publishers such as Sakura MMO 2 and Beauty Bounce to release while this particular title is obviously being judged by Nintendo.

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