(18+) Johren Gets Censorship Happy – Localized Release of Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Yuuki Hoshino Censored with Sony Inspired Light Rays
3 July 2021
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Localization is still a mistake.

Now you may remember Johren, who localize and release Japanese eroge games came under fire recently with their hilarious censorship of Eiyuu Senki WWX where multiple raunchy CG artwork was cropped in on and edited in such a way as to skew the eyes away from flat chested girls or characters with a petite (loli) appearance.

Such CG artwork were described to be modified as they contained characters whose appearances may be considered “controversial”, and they had the audacity to suggest that if you don’t like the censorship that you should go and play the Japanese version of the game.

Now it puzzles the mind as to why such cancerous localizers would in fact consider releasing games that feature such “controversial” fictional characters within them but I don’t work as an accountant for Johren so I wouldn’t possibly know.

Johren has established themselves as being an ally to Chinese patrons and businesses so I wouldn’t put it past these chink dick riding faggots to be censoring everything of this sort of nature to comply with those communist bastards.

However as they say, censorship is a slippery slope so it comes as no surprises that Johren is back at it again with more censorship, this time with their release of Megasuki! ~Kanojo to Boku no Megane Jijou~ Sakura Ayumu Hen where seemingly they’ve not only decided to localize a eroge title which features shotacon sexual content with the main protagonist but decided to rectify the issue by just censoring the protagonist outright.

Seemingly if Johren take issue with fictional characters depicting petite girls with flat racks then of course they’re going to take issue with a small boy finding himself in sexual escapades. Because when it comes to these Yiddler localization companies it’s always “those” certain body types that get cut and censored.

The hilariously bad light rays of censorship (a trademark of the Sony corporation) came to light by Twitter user “The Doddler” who posted the altered CG image which completely covers the main protagonist in a gigantic beam of light.

And here’s a comparison between the censored CG image in question to that of the non-censored one which is just an overall embarrassment.

[twenty20 img1=”4933″ img2=”4932″ offset=”0.5″]

So it begs to goddamn question why the absolute fuck have Johren even decided to bother with a localized release of Megauki if they’re just going to completely butcher the CG artwork entirely, censoring the main character in a visual novel just why even bother releasing anything in such a state?

I mean the plot summary for Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Yuuki Hoshino over on Johren’s website literally says:

About Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Yuuki Hoshino

Yuuki Hoshino is a famous model and the most popular girl in school.
Yuuma Hirose, on the other hand, is a boy who doesn’t stand out at all.
Although he has something of an interest in Yuuki, he feels that they live in completely different worlds.

One fateful lunchtime, Yuuma ends up lending this school celebrity his glasses.
And over the course of several interactions, Yuuma finds himself falling for the flirtatious Yuuki’s ditzy charms.
Yuuki shows no hesitation in getting intimate with Yuuma, either.
But although Yuuma is happier than ever, his consciousness of the gap between their social statuses makes him afraid to fall for her.

Is she teasing him? Is this an elaborate prank? How does Yuuki truly feel?
And what’s the true nature of their relationship?

We’ve yet to get official word from Johren or the likes of publishers Shiravune (subsidiary of DMM Games) regarding the blatant censorship of Megasuki however you’d be please to know that the Johren release is not only butchered beyond recognition but it also has Denuvo anti-tamper DRM.

Denuvo, in my hentai? It’s more common than you think.


Because I’d beg to question whether consumers will continue to put up with Johren’s censor happy antics as those who seemingly purchase eroge are rather passionate in regards to cut or altered content, needless to say nobody fucking likes censorship of any kind.

Exactly who do these Yiddlerd (((localizers))) actually think their core audience actually are? Because Eiyuu Senki WWX was just one strike on the list and now it has been followed up with completely tarnishing Megasuki, because I can guarantee that Johren must be bleeding some sales since they’ve decided to “protect the children”.

Though sadly for not at least much like how mainstream media continues to hemorrhage money they’re still kept around because they’re the ultimate tools in spreading propaganda much like Johren is at pushing the agenda that Loli and Shota content is irredeemably evil despite prioritizing their own localized releases of titles featuring such content.

Content that will unfortunately continue to be censored to cater for the sensibilities of faggot western SJW pricks who don’t dare play video games of any type let alone eroge…. instead they opt to target actual children under the pretext of being apart of the LGBT.

Because sadly Johren will continue with localizations for tons of upcoming eroge titles of a similar nature to that of Eiyuu Senki WWX or Megasuki.


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