(18+) Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tifa Lockhart Nude Mod Does Nothing to Detract From a Jiggleless Gayme
17 February 2022
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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is a horrible demake of the original title that does nothing but highlight just how far the likes of Square Enix has fallen, setting new standards in retail pricing for its games with a $70 price tag.

And what exactly do you get for $70? A half-arsed PC port of a butchered remake that demands modifications to remove checkerboard rendering cancer (Dynamic Resolution Scaling) that’s enabled by default and left over from garbage consoles and it also warrants the usage of AI upscaled texture modifications despite the fact that the game will gladly take up over 100GB of disk space.

If dynamic resolution scaling depending on your framerate isn’t bad enough, for a game released in 2020 and subsequently re-released the following year, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake made its way onto PC’s during the middle of December 2021 with Square Enix doing everything in its power to fuck over avid fans of the franchise who’ll seemingly buy up any shit to do with the series.

And what better way to fuck over fuck over fans than by making it an Epic Game Store exclusive?

Needless to forget that Square Enix have taken the pledge of faggotry by kneeling before ZOG with the aforementioned remake by making direct changes to the Honey Bee Inn on top of reducing Tifa Lockhart’s Breast size and purging jiggle physics from the game entirely as Square Enix caters towards woke sensitivities.


In essence the Final Fantasy 7 Remake changes the story completely, for the worse of course, pushing for inclusivity with the now infamous cross dressing dance sequence, and to top it all off it isn’t actually a complete game, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is actually a partial remake that covers but a mere fraction of the story from the original Final Fantasy VII with at least a second installment of this “remaster” expected to follow sooner or later.

And considering how much Square Enix will gladly bow down to the faggot kikes at Soyny you can probably expect that the second part to the “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” will undoubtedly be a Sony PlayStation exclusive for the first year anyway.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is truly the perfect gayme for your generic soy consoomerist gladly willing to fork over $70 for a butchered PC port of yet another gayme franchise long since destroyed.

At least there’s some salvation, or rather some turd polish for those who seemingly just have to play this shoddy woke remaster if you insist on pirating the gayme.

Nude mods, you know ’em and you’d probably be lying if you said you hated them. Nude mods are a true staple of genuine PC gaming culture and needless to say that they’ve managed to find their way into the deep dark crevasse of this fucking gay gayme in a desperate attempt to redeem this remasturd.

And it’s the “TIFA 4K HI-POLY NUDE MOD” that tries to rectify the cucked trash developed by Square Enix.

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The mod in question is undoubtedly a quality item as it replaces the original character’s model with a nude model featuring 120,000 polygons that highlights Tifa’s downsized melons in their full glory with high quality skin textures that accentuates Italy’s favorite girl with fashionable nipples and spicy clam.


Though unfortunately the mod doesn’t necessary do much to actually improve the fundamentally flawed remaster whatsoever apart from making the experience all the more tolerable, while Tifa Lockhart may be featured in the nude don’t actually expect much else because those boobs do NOT bounce.


Because of course, lacking jiggle physics is just Square Enix’s way to silence qualms about “misogynistic” bullshit because modern video games aren’t allowed to have good looking women, especially jiggle physics as bouncing tits is extremely traumatic to the soyim.

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It has only taken a short amount of time since launch to get a proper quality nude mod true fans of the franchise are much better off not even pirating this ethically butchered remake however the “TIFA 4K HI-POLY NUDE MOD” is certainly a step in the right direction in giving a middle finger to Square’s wahmen and troons responsible for bastardizing Tifa.

Unfortunately woke trash such as this game continue to sell in large numbers only making these sorts of tactics more common and will eventually be exacerbated in the follow-up remake… for coomers at least maybe in a few more months we’ll see another version of this mod with some jiggle physics and maybe a slightly larger cup size, who knows.

Don’t ever buy this game.

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