(18+) Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Nude Mod Adds Excitement to Busting Ghosts
2 November 2021
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I love nude mods, not only just because I’m a filthy degenerate but because nude mods in essence best highlight the PC modding community to its fullest.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, a once Wii U exclusive has now found new life having been re-released across all major platforms and most especially the PC with Maiden of Black Water marking the first Fatal Frame title to make it on the only platform that isn’t plagued by console niggerfaggots.

Though not without its issues, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is quite a shoddy port in the sense that PC players must ensure that the game is locked to a maximum of 60 FPS otherwise the entire game is literally sped up, however in just a few short days upon release modders are already hard at work at giving degenerates like myself what we crave the most…. nude mods.

This is certainly why the PC is the only platform of choice for true gaming enthusiasts.


With the notorious moderchan coming to the rescue by sharing various screenshots of their latest nude mod on Twitter.

Busting ghosts has never been more appealing…. or arousing.


Fatal Frame is one of the most notorious survival horror video game franchises, and what makes it all the more better is now thanks to this glorious nude mod, Maiden of Black Water now eccentricates the horror aspect for the faggots of Twitter and ReesetERA with their sensibilities.

The mod in question that will certainly raise the pitchforks of censorship loving centrists has already been released and can be found HERE.

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