(18+) English Release of Eiyuu*Senki WWX Hilariously Censored to Remove “Controversial Appearances”
12 April 2021
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Localization Was A Mistake.

If you haven’t already guessed by now from the crude thumbnail and the context of this article, it’s obviously intended for those with a quality taste.

If you’re a fan of anime or quite literally anything to do with the land of the rising sun you’d have come to a similar conclusion ages ago. With these kiked big name corporations spawning from the depths of hell and servicing the illegitimate state by either procuring streaming rights to specific anime series and having the audacity of dubbing them or just downright translating games and other Japanese media.

We’ve come a long way from the 4Kid’s adaptation of “jelly filled donuts” though sadly it hasn’t been for the better as the mere business of these companies is merely the effort of translation for a wider appeal, though sadly what could you expect from foreign media as it becomes recognized by the west and its faggot occupants? Of course, the interjection of either censorship or outright going off the script for no other purpose than to instill propaganda.

Localization was a mistake, allowing a niche genre to garner more eyes of more individuals both good and bad though sadly it’s the latter that ensures its demise. With plethora of faggots having rapidly noticed anime whether it be through mainstream Chinese cartoons such as Dragonball Z or Naruto (though these days it’s probably MHA) which of course leads them to bare witness the horrors of such “misogynist” and “degrading” anime and having a bitch lynch mob about them on twitter, though thankfully for them these twitter faggots have never heard of the Streisand effect because their efforts result in the series garneting more attention and most likely leading to the creators getting more money through sales.

Because this sort of bullshit doesn’t really stop at just anime but rather it expands towards Japanese eroge also, such as what we have here today with the recent English localization release of Eiyuu Senki WWX.

What exactly is Eiyuu Senki WWX? Well it’s another one of your typical mobile eroge gacha games with a turn-based combat system. Eiyuu Senki is a game that’s all about the conquest of nations…. and of course a plethora of sexy ladies who you’ll add to your own harem army. The game itself is awash with fanservice and with Eiyuu Senki WWX quite a lot of “spicy” sex scenes as well.

Eiyuu Senki WWX was formally only available in Japan where you could only really play it from DMM however it has since gotten an English localization release that has left true connoisseurs absolutely disgusted.

Because you see the English release of Eiyuu Senki WWX was recently added on sites such as Johen and (((Nutaku))) however as is tradition when it comes to such fine art from Japan, the games themselves simply could not release unaltered from their original state.

If there’s one thing that I absolutely despise it would be censorship, especially in the case of an 18+ gacha game. Censorship on a game such a this would render it DOA practically instantly.

With an official statement made regarding that the English version of Eiyuu Senki WWX would be particularly censored with some altercations made to some of the CG art featured in the game.

“Regarding CG differences from JP

Some art assets have been modified from the version of the game distributed in Japan due to violations of the platform guidelines, especially for characters whose appearances may be controversial.

For the above reasons, it is difficult to release the original assets. If you wish to see the unmodified version of the assets, we request that you play the Japanese version of the game.

We apologize for any confusion this may cause, and thank you for your understanding.”

I find this to be both hysterical and completely bullshit. Of course by characters with a “controversial appearance” they of course mean the plethora of FICTIONAL  characters within the game that are of a rather petite physique.
And of course what I mean by a “petite” physique are the abundance of either loli girls in the game or women with rather small breasts. Because I know for certain that faggot twitter puritans consider all attractive fictional characters to be “controversial” but I digress. Enyuu Senki WWX is awash with characters that have a “controversial appearances” because they’re either lolis or just have flat chests.
Because we have to protect the children!
Just to rub salt in the wounds of players, the official EN twitter account for Eiyuu Senki spat out the same rhetorical bullshit statement as seen above but also decided to “promote” in other terms the superior Japanese version of Eiyuu Senki WWX by requesting those upset by the modifications made to the localization release of the game to play that instead. Fair dinkum.

Why exactly do these companies go through the task of “localizing” and translating fine works and then completely butchering them with needless censorship to protect the image of the product and your brand online from the crazed faggot lynch mob who will never actually play or buy anything of this sort of nature and will still throw a massive fit over “pedophilia” accusations because it’s a goddamn game filled with porn.

So what sort of censorship are we dealing with here? Well obviously these modifications surely impact characters with flat chests or short stature because it would be fucking obvious.

In this instance here we see a conquered Date Masamune enjoying a snuggle with the unnamed protagonist, on the left we have the recently released English localized release and on the right we have the unmodified Japanese version.

Now it must be said that Date Masamune has an unmistakable flat chest, and that’s apparently controversial because in the instance of the English release they’ve decided to “adjust” the CG artwork by zooming in on Masamune’s face whole adding in zoomed cut-ins of the CG artwork itself to undoubtedly hide her tiny titties.

It’s both hilarious and downright satirical at the same time.

Many online forumsare also statingthat many other CG artwork within the EN release of Eiyuu Senki WWX contain horrific blinding lights to cover up exposed/ unexposed nipples, it’s as if the game were released on the PS4 or something. But mainly the censorship comes from cropping and cut-ins that tries and fails to disguise the figure and small breasted stature of the girls.

In yet another comparison between the EN release and the original JP version we see yet another historical figure, this time Pissarro enjoying a snuggle, this one however can be considered a loli so you know what must be done about this clearly pedophilic CG artwork.

Of course, the incompetent developers merely zoom in on her face and “lower half” to completely remove her petite appearance.

What’s the actual point of doing this sort of shit in an 18+ game? I honestly haven’t the slightest fucking clue though I know it’s kiked.


In another case of retarded cut-ins and zooming we have another altered CG image sourced from the bad goys over at Sankaku, we have another loli character whose CG artwork has been altered with barbaric crops and cut-ins. Of course you can ignore the seal of approval which isn’t in the actual game but you can’t ignore the blatant effort to hide the fact that she’s a loli.

Now this I can’t quite comprehend but really it’s the final goddamn straw.

Honestly there’s nothing that can be done to resolve the issue at hand however I can guarantee considering the nature of those who consume and play these sorts of 18+ content is that they’re not going to waste time and money on censored gacha shit. Marketing an inferior version to western nations is one hilarious way to shoot yourself in the foot and kill your product.

What you can do however is maintain course, ignore censored trash and give it no attention because it’ll soon die off eventually or better yet, do something productive and learn some Japanese because it’s going to take you years to reach the point where you’ll never have to worry about cancerous censored localized releases so you may as well get a head start.

Japan and the media that it produces are basically the last battalion of resistance against the globohomo polices of the rest of the world, particularly western nations and certainly the Israeli puppet state of the JewSA.

Just because I can here’s a nice collection of unaltered CG artwork from the Japanese release.

Fuck censorship and fuck puritan faggots.

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