(18+) Crypto Girls SEXCoin is a Gayme For The Generations
7 November 2021
18+ blockchain gaming CRYPTO CRYPTOCURRENCY Eroge gaming Hentai

Move over Illusion and degenerate modders of Skyrim, there’s a new porn king in town.

Have you been fucked investing in cryptocurrencies? I know I sure have, just be sure not to tell the government.

Now however thanks to developers “Pirates of the Digital Sea” it’s time to fuck crypto back… literally.

Crypto Girls – SEXCoin is a video game where you can fuck personified versions of various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DOGE and more, obviously this absolute “gem” is a shovelware shit sensation that sadly hasn’t taken the world by storm.

Featuring “amazingly authentic” Japanese inspired artwork created by hardworking and passionate western scum.

The story? You take the role of “Mr. Whale”, a cryptocurrency billionaire who like all true harem protagonists has devine dick diversification powers of their crypto portfolio.

The gameplay?

This no doubt simulates the euphotic pleasure of watching your investment skyrocket in real life.

Amazing, state of the art if I do say so myself. If you’ve ever done connect the dots, you’ve played Crypto Girls SEXCoin without even knowing. While you get to enjoy your favorite investment jiggle and move about in a Live2D fashion you get to click and drag colorful tiles across a puzzle grid as quickly as possible.

Featuring visual novel aspects as well!

Your reward for clearing such a challenging stage is quite obvious….. SEX.

After completing a set amount of puzzles you’re rewarded with animated artwork of you fucking your beloved cryptocurrency.

NFT artwork has skyrocketed in value, much like how modern art in real life is merely just a façade for Jews to launder money. Well this game doesn’t feature bullshit NFT artwork, instead Crypto Girls SEXCoin features ten amazing and radical totally uncensored animated sex scenes for your viewing pleasure, proving that no doubt that this game is not just some mere cash grab, this is art.

Crypto Girls – SEXCoin is truly a diamond in the rough that is the modern video game industry, transcending the whole industry with its unique and quirky appeal, blockchain gaming has never been so stimulating.

You can purchase Crypto Girls – SEXCoin on the Steam Store for the low price of $5

Because this video game will be your greatest crypto investment of your life.

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